The folly of being president in Zambia

It is sad that our national politics have degenerated to such low levels where the ultimate first station of call of a former president is a detention centre. Should it be a question of grace to grass ,absolutely not. This is not certainly and should never be the yardstick of what should become of individuals who have previously held this noble office of the land. We demand a little civility from those of our friends wielding instruments of state power.

This culture of impunity has gone too far and cannot be allowed to escalate any further beyond this point. Any sane and sober minded person passing through the presidential burial site housing our two former presidents Chiluba and Mwanawasa can’t avoid the sad thought that what had happened concerning the lifting of Chiluba’s immunity then and the ultimate prosecution should never have to repeat itself again so soon.

Sadly this appears to be the case with Rupiah Banda. The obvious impeding arrest and prosecution of RB should be a source of concern for all progressive minds that want to see that individuals who have previously held this office of president are respected by their predecessors instead of using them as political punch bags by demonstrating their political power.

This trend of demonizing former presidents is retrogressive. The country risks having a handful of disgraced former presidents even if later there are acquitted. President Banda has done exceptionally well internationally and this has been good for our country’s profile.

PF MP’s should stop conducting themselves as political zombies that can’t think for themselves,but match as they’re ordered to do. MP’s should always endeavor to guard against being used to rubber stump punitive retribution acts of the state by scrutinizing motions and debating sensibly. The principle of separation of powers does thrive and operate in a vacuum where each organ of the state can claim sovereignty and misconduct public matters at a personal level. This promotes lawlessness and is un affront to the rule of law.

The careless lifting of RB’s immunity by hired and sponsored mercenaries made a sad chapter yet again for our country.

Nason Msoni

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