The ghosts HH must wrestle with

By Kahlastwayo Cele

In life to attain greatness, whatever greatness we measure up against, we are certain to meet battles, which we cannot, indeed, must not, run away from. The darkest and most eerie demons and nightmares must be met head-on. This we must do, otherwise, we are certain to be miserable failures in life. The option of failure is a cruel one.

HH is a leader of a Political Party who aspires to the great office of commander in chief of the Armed forces, the Chief Executive officer of the Republic of Zambia. Has he counted the costs to meet such a high goal?

There is a daunting task ahead of him, no doubt. On the way to greatness one is bound to stumble, not once but many times. His recent behavior could be taken as mere slip-ups from which he could recover?

But on the other hand, these slip-ups could mean something deeper, an outward admission of failure. As an aspiring President to be, it is expedient of him not to portray a flaw in character. His reaction in Mufumbwe, at the Police station, is certainly disappointing, to say the least. The rigors and pressures of the highest office require impeccable resilience, an inner strength. So far, he has proved to lack that.

The Presidential elections are just about 12 months away and all is clear that things are gearing up. The political temperature is bound to rise even higher as we draw near to the day.  And the nation is watching, every step the Politician takes. This is not a time for the aspirant to whimper and throw tantrums. There will certainly be more poking to be done.

What are the battles before HH, what hurdles lie ahead before he submits his candidature at the Chief Justice office?

His Party (UPND) in pact with Sata’s (PF) must choose between the two of them to lead. Therefore if ever HH intends to lead the nation, he must in the first place face his partner (Sata) in battle. This will be the preliminary round. This is one of his demons and nightmares. Fate demands that he cannot shy away from this battle.

HH cannot afford to be viewed as negotiating for a position from Mr. Sata. That will be the end of him.

The basic aim to form a party is to lead the nation. Any message by the Party leader that supposes that the highest office is secondary will not hold. It is inconceivable that one could form a party only to aspire for an office less that the goal. Any person who aspires to lead the nation cannot do so with a secondary objective. He would be a laughing stock.

That is why even those who have hardly been able to have enough supporters at the final declaration of interests will still go ahead to stand as Presidential aspirants. In Politics there are no assured positions of appointment. For HH to assume he will be appointed by Sata as his Vice, in a PF government is just utter recklessness and the worst Political naivety ever.

The demons that confront HH will not sit with him and negotiate a settlement of interests, no! He must make up his mind to face his adversary. What complicates the matter is that he is not dealing with a preliminary within his own party but with another independent party.

Mufumbwe if it goes HH’s way will only make it worse because whilst it might prove that he is gaining popularity, it will however threaten to tip the balance away from Mr. Sata. He must face the man who called him a ‘calculator boy’ before He ever dreams to make appointment with the Chief Justice to file his nomination papers.

Mr. Michael Sata, it seems has so far taken it for granted that he is the most popular between the two and as such the default candidate, portrayed by the ‘Post’ as the mature and natural option.

When HH was given to lead the UPND, the instruction handed him was to rule the nation. This is the expectation from the grass root and the Party hierarchy. On joining the ‘pact’ the promise was with the view to win Sata’s support, who is expected to ‘return a favour’ with history in view. There is no other expectation from HH’s supporters outside this.

This is precisely why the Party stalwart, Major Chizyuka, has been under attack from within the ranks, refusing to buy into Mr. Sata’s promise. This is the thin line by which the Party holds – HH’s promise that he will lead the ‘pact’. Failure to deliver the promise will mean doom to HH and his Political life.

This explains so much why the Mufumbwe seat means so much to him, it will give him that extra confidence besides giving hope to his supporters that he means business.

Will the staunch grass root supporters take kindly when they hear that in fact HH has accepted to fall for a deputized position under Sata? For that matter even within Sata’s PF, the Party figures such- Guy Scott, Given Lubinda who considered themselves eligible will not take kindly to such a proposition.

‘Assumption is the mother of all failures’ so it is said. HH is making a terrible assumption if he thinks Sata will allow him to lead the ‘pact’. Sata has not even as much as once allowed anyone in his Party (PF) to challenge his leadership. So why on earth does HH think that the ‘Cobra’ will give him such a favour, on a silver platter? Surely HH cannot be so naïve!

It would seem on the bare face of it that if anyone in PF showed even a slight intention to challenge Sata’s leadership, that person would literally be bitten by his bare teeth. So how on earth has HH come to the conclusion that he has become so good buddies with he, who by the way, not long ago called HH a ‘calculator boy’, that he will now hand him the candidacy? Mind you Sata’s followers have previously likened their leader as ‘thier Obama’. Sata for them is fondly Obama. HH must desist from making cheap assumptions if he is to be great.

HH to become great must surpass the oratory skills and brilliance of Obama, he must prove to be a greater mind than Professor Chirwa, surpass the ingenuity of Chiluba and the Diplomacy of Rupiah Banda. For To President of the nation requires something greater than his current circle of admirers. What a daunting Task before him.

But then, this is the price of greatness yet a great opportunity for him. HH must surpass the idea that his piece meal cattle donations are sufficient to win him a national following. Failure, as we began, is not mere easy way out, it is a great cost.

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