The HH treason case matrix – Things people need to know

The HH treason case matrix – Things people need to know

Hellen’s letter endorsing abuse

Kafunda’s letter to DPP

Like we earlier and repeated our statement that PF would bar ‘unfriendly’ media houses so that HH trial can be done in secrecy, and only availed to government and friendly media to the rogue regime of Edgar Lungu.

We will start with journalists:

They have completely denied accreditation to most upright media houses such as the foreign based Associated French Press – AFP, Bloomberg, BBC, Aljazeera but foolish enough they have accredited two of Watchdog reporters so this publication is safely represented.

The man running this accreditation scheme is Chief Registrar of the High court Charles Kafunda. Charles Kafunda is the rogue Magistrate stationed at high court who even illegally swore in Lungu during the controversial 2016 elections after Chief Justice Irene Mambilima and her deputy Marvin Mwanamwambwa distanced themselves from the treasonous ceremony. Yes it is treason because Lungu forcibly took over office and these charges await him soon after leaving office.

In this matter another rogue media organisation being illegally run by ex convict Richard Sakala’s worker Hellen Mwale, the Media Institute for Southern Africa MISA Zambia has locus standi to stop this abuse of journalists through seeking judicial review of the process but they have remained mute. Other puppet board members are Hyde Haguta of Radio Phoenix, Wilson Pondamali, Francis Kibombwe, and Mwale’s vice Elizabeth Chanda the wife to the judge handling Hichilema’s treason trial, Judge Charles Chanda of Ndola.

So what UPND should do is to reserve some of the cards for the family members of the accused and allow the blocked journalists access. And for the aggrieved journalists, they must ensure that they kick out this corrupt board. The court has been flooded by the journalists for the past two days who have failed to get the cards.


Accreditation of Lawyers:

This is some juicy bait that UPND lawyers must be very careful as they handle it. Kafunda has written to Director of prosecutions that only limited space for lawyers who will also be accredited. Kafunda says only eight lawyers and three state counsels on each side will be allowed.

What PF wants to do is that the UPND lawyers must make an application to the court so that this directive is quashed so that as many of defence lawyers as possible have access as should be the case under normal procedure. We are aware that UPND lawyers have already filing in those papers but the motive of the PF is to indefinitely adjourn Hichilema’s matter under the pretext that the court first has to hear and adjudicate on the application then later on blame his prolonged detention on the lawyers.


By the way the Monday appearance is not for trial but to merely set the trial date. There are multiple possibilities here in, either the state will apply for a nolle and temporarily let HH free so as to fool the Commonwealth I their expectations of dialogue. With this abuse of the nolle, HH can be rearrested any time Lungu so wishes. The other possibility is to set a date very far away and keep HH and his co accused still in prison so as to arm twist him to recognise Lungu especially that the party refuted the bogus reports that the talks under the auspices of Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland HH recognised Lungu.


The other possibility, though minimal is for the state to completely discontinue the matter and let the UPND president free before starting the negotiations, but this depends on how much pressure the mediators mount on Lungu though Lungu like any other dictator is stubborn.  

Both these baits thrown before the UPND benefit the PF and Lungu.


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