The illiterate foreigners running DHL Zambia


sometime last year you published an article here about DHL employing lots of foreigner in all management positions

This time it’s worse and the Managing Director, Erlo Vanderlinde is unqualified, no formal education or qualification whatsoever.

His number two, Roy, also doesn’t have any document in form of a qualification to be employed as an expatriate.

The number three is an Indian (Finance Manager) very disrespectful of Zambians.

The number four is a Zimbabwean (IT Manager).

Human Resource Manager is also a Zimbabwean now turned Zambian, of course you can tell whose interests he is representing.

The only Zambian is a sales manager who has been made to keep his tail between his legs. Government has announced that they will be reviewing the permits issued to expatriates and we need to make sure that these unqualified fools go back to their farms in South Africa.

Most importantly, it is a well-known fact that all these guys obtained their permits fraudulently through a well know source.

We are urgently request government to move in and quickly address this issue as staging a protest doesn’t effectively help sort out the issue.

We believe these jobs can well be manned by qualified Zambians.

It’s just shameful and immoral to be led by unqualified yet cheeky foreigners.

We are getting into December and the issue of bonuses is something that they believe is at management’s discretion and that we don’t deserve it while they pocket hefty salaries.

Just over a year ago they chose to insult us by giving us ZMK 50,000 salary increment. It’s even too shameful to mention what in percentage form that is.

DHL is a world class brand and one of the sought-after organisation to work for but surely what is happening in Zambia is pure exploitation by these Boers.

Something needs to be done otherwise we will begin to eliminate them as the practice is in their own country.

Frustrated DHL workers

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