The Legacy of President Michael Sata: Allergic to Corruption



Book Title: Allergic to Corruption_FRONT

Author: Charles Mwewa

Shadowing the fiercely competitive presidential bye-election going on in Zambia is the legacy of President Michael Chilufya Sata.  In death Sata has unleashed the most unfathomable political beast in the Zambian than at any other time in Zambian history. Michael Sata must be turning in his grave. But who was Michael Sata on whom various political forces are trying to lay claim on as their own? Did Michael Sata have a vision for liberating Zambia from its economic malaise, enduring poverty and constitutional wrangles? What is Michael Sata’s legacy? Has he laid any future economic or political foundation for Zambia?

Charles Mwewa a prolific young Zambian legal professor based in Toronto, Canada probes these and many other questions in his sequel to his first book on Sata entitled, “King Cobra Has Struck: My Letter to President Michael C. Sata.” The new book is entitled, “The Legacy of President Michael Sata: Allergic to Corruption.” This new 125 page release is the most compelling study of the history, character, and legacy of Michael Sata. There is no other more complete and compelling analysis of what Sata means to Zambian politics than this one by Charles Mwewa, the author of the 1100 page book, “Zambia: Struggles of My People.” Charles answers the questions like, what were those 90 day promises all about? What animated the philosophy of Donchi Kubeba? Why the flip flops on the constitution and the Chinese investments? Was Sata a pragmatist or an ideologue? Was Sata really a tribalist? Was Sata really allergic to corruption? Did he really have a vision and if so, what was it?

The analysis dovetails into the current campaign in the presidential by-election. The book has come out at the right time for all political stakeholders in Zambia as well as the media. This book has everything for everybody in Zambia. Some stakeholders may even gain a milestone out of it. It is, however, a balanced and nuanced analysis to the most uncharacteristic of Zambia s politicians. Lessons on how to do Zambian politics with cool heads can be learned from this book.

The book is available in Zambian bookstores from Monday, January 12th, 2015.

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