The lies that destroyed Zambia

The lies that destroyed Zambia


By Richard Waga

There is a difference between a delayed promise and the lies by PF, worse still thieving lies.

1. KCM LIE – “I have found a new investor in KCM” says ECL. A lie intended to facilitate theft using Milingo Lungu

2. ANTI-CORRUPTION LIE – “I will start arrest those minister making huge deposits” says ECL. To date according to FIC repots over K10billion in illicit transactions has be lost using PF ex-ministers and lawyers.

3. THE HONEYBEE LIE – US$20 million lost by tax payers

4. THE MUKULA BAN LIE – Hundreds of millions worth of trees and taxes lost by tax payers

5. THE DIITAL MIGRATION LIE – Government billed tax payers $282 million instead of $50m claiming that they wanted to set up provincial studios in all the 10 provinces.

6. THE IMF LIE – Before elections they claimed and campaigned on the premise that they had sealed a deal with IMF

7. THE HH LIES – The accused HH for being the cause of all their failures

8. THE EUROBOND LIES – They claimed that all the money would be used for investment so as to payback but today the burden is on UPND to find US$3 billion to clean up this PF mess

9. THE SOLAR HAMMERMILL LIE – Government wasted $200m of hammer mills that don’t work, and tax payers have to pay for nothing.

10. THE MOPANI LIE – When PF announced that they had acquired Mopani from Glencore they disingenuously concealed from the nation the fact that Glencore would be buying their 20% copper quota at US$3,500 even when prices are over $10,000

11. THE DEBT SWAP LIE – Government announced a debt swap deal before elections not signed by the banks, kwaliba?

12. THE SOPHISTICATED FIRE TENDER LIE – What they said were sophisticated US$1 million fire tenders turned out to faulty second-hands that flipped like wheelbarrows

13. THE 20% SALARY CUT LIE – ECL announced a salary cut for senior civil servants that never happened

14. THE RETIREMENT HOUSE LIE – ECL promise to introduce a law to exempt him from getting a retirement house which he never did.

15. THE MONGU STADIUM LIE – The PF allocated funds for mongu stadium, did a groundbreaking ceremony and built a beautiful invisible stadium

16. THE MULUNGUSHI TEXTILES LIE – They PF even had a hymn book for songs on the reopening of Mulungushi Textiles

17. THE RETIREE LIE – Given Lubinda was so insensitive to the retirees that he went break dancing at the PF white party while poor retirees got soaked in the rain singing and praying to God

18. THE FOREST 27 LIE – The lied that de-gazzetting was legal and that there was no environmental risk just because a few rich people wanted to set up a high class neighbourhood to prop up the value of their properties.

19. THE SINKING FUND LIE – May be the sinking fund sunk that is why all the ministers after Chikwanda never found it

20. THE ALEBWELELAPO LIE – they told us to come with bull dozers if we have to remove ECL now we are sending them to Forest 27.

Zambia this is what lies look like, lies that cost us billions of dollars. If we are reasonable we would avoid crying over a K4 that we as tax payers don’t have. There is no magic that will pay for both subsidy and fuel debts PF never paid for.

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