The Luwingu email scandal

By Waziona Nkhwekwe Chirwa

I was shocked and horrified to read that a computer illiterate headmaster was defrauded of K 500 as part of the process of opening an email account.

If a high ranking education official, in charge of a school does not know that setting up an email account is free. Then we have a very serious problem.

The Governments idea of a paperless payslip email based distribution system is a good one.

However, before a new system is implemented it is important to undertake a feasibility study on what is required on the ground for the new system to be successfully implemented.

This among other things should take into consideration, how many teachers have email accounts?

How many do not have and how many need assistance in setting up an email account?

The feasibility study will also help to determine the time needed to phase out the printed payslips completely.

The Luwingu incident clearly shows that not every teacher is computer literate, hence the need for the Government to take steps to ensure that the Luwingu like scandal does not happen again.

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