The men who killed ZAF deputy commander Gen. Muliokela

Information has emerged that Zambia Air force Commander General Erick Chimense, Former Director General of Intelligence Xaviour Chungu and a former Permanent Secretary killed late ZAF Deputy Commander General Muliokela Muliokela and Colonel Mwene.

A senior Army official says the two were accused of links to UPND and were poisoned two hours before they took the flight that killed them.

“I want to comment on today’s story in the Post Newspapers that defence chiefs threatened the Acting President to support Edgar Lungu. I’m very annoyed with that and want now to tell the nation that General Muliokela and his colleague were killed by Xaviour Chungu a former PS and General Chimense,” the source said.

The source said the same poison that was used to kill former President Chiluba was used to kill General Muliokela. Chiluba was poisoned by those he loved most a few months before the 2011 elections as it was feared that he would ‘deliver’ victory to the MMD.

“You know you book flights. Before they took off they had lunch with Xaviour Chungu. Their food was laced with poison and two hours later while they were flying, their body organs collapsed and failed to operate the aircraft. Edgar Lungu is aware of this. If they deny let them produce the report of the inquiry. We cannot allow this. If they tamper with the elections, it will game on. We shall take them on,” the source said.

The source said Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba who is a relation to General Chimense the ZAF Commander facilitated the entry into the country of a Mr. Vukovich from Spain who brought in the poison.

The source said Mr.Vukovich was accommodated by a former PS. “Harry Kalaba knows this. He collaborated with General Chimense who is his relative. For your own information General Chimense is a son to Chief Chimense in Mansa where Kalaba is a Member of Parliament. Bahati constituency is in Chief Chimense’s area. Xaviour Chungu is very close to chief Chimense,” the source said.

The source said General Muliokela and Colonel Mwene were suspected of being sympathisers to UPND and.

General Chimense confided in Chungu who approached the PS to bring in Vukovich. Vukovich is one of the three foreigners who were charged with espionage in 2011 when they were found photographing security installations. Immediately PF came into power, the Intelligence took them out of Chimbokaila and facilitated their escape. Kelvin Bwalya Fube was their lawyer and he knows this. Any coincidence that Edgar Lungu’s campaign centre is at Kelvin Bwalya’s office?” the source said.

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