The Pamela Gondwe Story: What are the facts?

The Pamela Gondwe Story: What are the facts?


So many falsehoods have been spread about Pamela Gondwe. However, as some of her colleagues we feel duty bound to dispel some of the rumours.
Here are a few claims circulating online;

Pamela Gondwe used to get a monthly salary of K20, 000? This is FALSE (Wenye!)

Despite her work experience, dedication and intelligence, Pamela used to get less than k8, 500 per Month. This amount would reduce further to a paltry k5, 300 after loan deductions. This is today’s Barclays for you! Most people have a serious misconception about this Bank. This is partly due to the false image that this bank aggressively projects outside.

The reality is that Barclays bank notoriously underpays the vast majority of its employees. In fact, this is arguably the greediest organization in Zambia! It has the most selfish top management, the so-called Country Management Committee or CMCs. Ever since the ‘black man’ took over, things have deteriorated rapidly.

Pamela Gondwe is highly educated, a remarkable Writer and Poet? This is TRUE.

Generally, Pamela is a good author and poet going on to write books such as Tears in my Suitcase and The Real Truth, books which have sold quite a number of copies. She is known to be very intelligent and has a very unique personality. She is also independent and carefree.

Pamela Gondwe was a senior banker?This is FALSE

Despite having worked for the bank for over 12 years, Pamela was still a junior employee who worked as Branch Retail Supportearning no more that K8, 500 per month (as mentioned).

Pamela Gondwe was frustrated and at one point tried to resign? This is TRUE.

Early this year she actually wrote a resignation letter, but her resignation was declined. This lady had worked in the same role for more than that 10 years and was reasonably over- familiar and frustrated at the lack of promotion to enhance her career development. This is uncommon in Barclays. Those who ‘open wider’ tend to be promoted fast – she was not the type.

Pamela Gondwe got away with a total of $400, 000 only? This is FALSE!

Of all news outlets only the Zambian Watchdog seemed to come closer to the actual amount that was snatched at Barclays Longacres Branch. It is true that Pamela got away with an equivalent of over K7, 000, 000 in cash. This comprised $400, 000; more than 22, 000 Euros and ZMK250, 000.

Pamela Gondwe did not have financial pressure? This is FALSE

Like the vast majority of Barclay’s staff, Pamela was one of those underpaid staff who are reaped off by greedy/ selfish senior staff. Talk about ‘corporate greedy.’ The senior staff pay themselves hefty salaries at the expense of the majority workers who are mostly unionized and those in middle management.

These unscrupulous characters not only give themselves huge salaries, but they also allocate themselves numerous allowances (some directors get as much as $4, 500 housing allowance alone!). That is not to mention the allowances for their children who are at prestigious schools such as Baobab College, International school of Lusaka and others.

As if that is not enough, Barclays despite being one of the most profitable Banks with the most hardworking employees still pay as low as K1, 400 to its employees as BONUS for a particular year! This happens even in a year this Bank has been declared as the First, Second or Third most profitable bank in the country.

On the other hand, senior management reward themselves between K350, 000 and K2, 000, 000 each as bonus allowance!

The Pamela Gondwe case is the only fraud case at Barclays? This is FALSE

Simply put, fraud cases involving Barclays staff are becoming the order of the day due to numerous reasons some of which are given above. Most of the cases are usually swept under the carpet by management for fear of alarming customers. But for how long? Watch the space!

(Concerned employees)

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