The PF and MMD unholly alliance

The PF and MMD unholly alliance

Sat after being teargassed by police in 2010. Rupiah ordered the teargassing

Sat after being teargassed by police in 2010. Rupiah ordered the teargassing

By Greenwell Nyirenda

The newly found ‘love’ between the current Patriotic Front leadership and most of the Movement Multi-Party Democracy senior members can never go without our scrutiny. Its the duty and responsibility of a citizen like me to question the morality and integrity of organizations whose business is to run the nation on behalf of the whole population.

I understand how ever that in our quest to offer checks and balances as non political aligned citizens, we are labelled as sadist and haters who according to those in party politics are choking with jealosy for seeing them in power. Nevertheless, I for one have resolved never to be shut down or be told what to say, as long as I am being truthfull to my populism beliefs. The alliance between MMD and PF which has erupted just after the death of the Founder father of the PF, HE Michael Chilufya Sata,(MHSRIP) and soon after the rising of two factions in MMD is very unholy.

The PF was founded as a protest and splinter organization from the MMD after Michael Sata was snubbed to successes Fredrick JT Chiluba. For ten years in which PF stayed in the opposition, Sata and his colleagues like Scott Guy, suffered humiliation, embarrassment and terror by the MMD led government. From being incarnated at Chimbokaila Prisons, being teargassed or being denied rally permits.

Sata survived in opposition due to is perseverance. If the PF was never persistent and determined, the MMD led government would have managed to kill PF. Sata and his team raised his own trademark and signature which marketed PF to the general citizens, worse still the MMD led government made sure that Sata is painted black despite all his hard work to get his message fairly and square to the voters. The MMD manufactured propaganda like, Sata will start forcing same-sex marriages. Its now very surprising that the very people who for a decade fought the then PF leaders tooth and nail are back with full force, seemingly with so much preference than the founder members, benefiting from the efforts of those who they prevented from getting in government by setting unfair ground be it by not covering them by the public media or arresting the leaders on unfair charges like public order act. Every person has a democratic right to belong to any political organization of his/her choice, but categorically, let me say it is morally never right and logically incorrect for the current PF leadership to resolve and invite over the MMD leaders who for years prevented a fair chance for PF to thrive. As politicians, i understand that you believe in ‘no permanent friend, no permanent enemy’ philosophy but there is a need that our leaders also remember keeping their morals . It is clear that those MMD MPs and former government leaders who condemned the PF of Micheal Sata never did it out of principle. Other wise if they did, how can they stand today and defend the same policies they rubbished just 4 years ago, what has changed if not the change of PF leadership which has created opportunities for those who still want to continue sucking from our national coffers but never found courage and opportunity in getting such a privileged under the Sata led government.

I understand that right now the PF feels they need MMD because of the influence which they feel those in MMD have on voters, especially after realizing that they have a very strong competition (going by last years results). This is the reason PF leadership will try and hang on MMD despite knowing that this alliance between them is very unholy. But I can humbly advise that the continuous alliance between the MMD former leaders and PF will never win PF any votes instead, they will lose those longstanding members.

The PF leadership need to take a decisive and responsible decision before its too late. The MMD is dead political organization and there is no help or influence which it can provide to the PF right now. The sooner the PF realizes this the better for their future. If those in PF feels this are unjustifiable calls we are making then its ok, we shall celebrate with them once MMD makes them leave government soon. Because the continued alignment between the two can only produce failure.

Those politicians who keeps on changing political ideologies to suit the current ruling parties policies are not just greedy but selfish individuals who wish to continue they occupancy in the corridors of power, how ever Zambia is not for just for a few individuals, there is need for those in power to rotate the appointments and adoption of those to be made MPs not just from the same crop of disgruntled and corrupt politicians. We can not allow a situation where senior citizens who should be enjoying their retirement continually keep on calling the shots in the political spheres of our country. The very people who PF is entertaining right now sent MMD in oblivion, some of the came from UNIP and other parties, where they didn’t either defect or resign but kept on renewing their membership somewhere whilst there where putting on MMD regalia, the same people right now, with MMD cards in their hands but in PF are regalia are going round masquerading as true patriots. They managed to kill MMD in 2011, and thereafter came back and pushed Dr Nevers Mumba away who was busy trying to awaken the dead MMD, they carried the party and finally buried it. PF need tp wake up and unbreak this unholy alliance, otherwise there is no reason why people voted out MMD if the same characters are back in our government through the back door.

God bless Zambia.


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