The Post should Leave William Banda Alone

By Mike Lungu

William Banda has joined the United Party for National Development (UPND), as a matter of his constitutional and human right, and above all on his own volition. From our own stand point, there seems to have been no “stick or carrot” approach used against him to join the UPND.

What is perhaps more interesting is that William has done the unexpected: leaving an opposition party to join an opposition party!. The usual and easy thinking for the faint hearted job seekers and serve-serving charlatans has been to join the ruling party. If William was a charlatan, a fraudster, pretender and political minion, the easiest would have been to join the ruling Patriotic front (PF), especially that he was being persecuted for alleged violent related cases.

But William has decided to choose the hardest path, to struggle with a party that he sees to be representing a brilliant future for the majority of citizens through wealth creation and good leadership, rather than hide behind a ruling party to launder himself like others who owe the Zambia people billions of kwacha have done.

By all standards, even if one is worse than the Devil, certainly there is something good to say about Williams’ move to join the UPND, and indeed the majority of people have been discussing the positives about William’ move to join the UPND, except that they have had no public medium like The Post which has been demonizing and insulting William for joining UPND, and UPND for accepting him.

The position by Fred Mmembe, abusing his privilege of owning The Post to insult others is not surprising, especially when it concerns UPND. Every right thinking member of the Zambian society by now knows that Fred has insatiable hatred for the UPND. It is the party he has vowed, and has been trying hard, to destroy by hook and crook using his Post Newspapers. Whatever his differences were with the late Anderson Mazoka, the founder great leader of UPND and liberal politician, Fred fought Andy both in his illness and death. This hatred has spread to HH, a visionary leader who is attracting public realization that he can turn around the fortunes of this country if given an opportunity to serve as President.

What seems to annoy Fred is the fact that William is not Tonga, which out rightly puts Fred’s tribal song against UPND off tangent, and the best that he could do is an outpouring of insults against the party that he has vowed to black out from the pages of his personal to holder Newspaper. The bad publicity about William and UPND in The Post is therefore expected because the Position of Fred is never ever to publicise anything good about UPND. How evil!

Every reasonable mind knows that if William joined PF, at best, Fred would have done would have been a mild attack and a call for him to reform, and at worst, Fred would have kept quiet about the whole matter. Everyone can vividly see this double-faced mafia type of Journalist for personal benefits!

But the truth is that evil, when being spearheaded by the devil himself, can never prevail over good. And the truth is that the UPND is not only attracting William Banda. William is just among many people who have quickly realized that the PF leadership has no capacity to realize the change that they wanted, and are moving on to UPND for possible real change.

This seems to be a growing tide likely to be experienced up to 2016 and not even the sworn enemies of the UPND with their propaganda machinery are likely to stop because it is a people-driven movement.

William has just taken the first and public step, therefore, it should not eat up Fred to an extent that he should be running disparaging and desperate editorials on Saturday and Sunday, apparently praying and hoping that the following day he would hear William rescinding his decision and denouncing UPND for not accepting him because he is not from Southern Province!

My foot! Please, leave William and UPND and other millions supporters to exercise their democratic  right as they sacrifice their resources to build a united and prosperous Zambia. 

Mike Lungu

BA Political Science

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