The present and clear danger to Zambia


Now that an illegal inauguration has been fulfilled by those who are called to uphold and defend the law of land.

The Zambia we have known has suddenly changed not only in the political landscape but also with great fear and anxieties in a cross section of many people. Fear of the type of governance we have just entered where the rule of law is disregarded, fear of the already broken down economy, fear of the increase of tribal hatred coupled with hate speeches, fear of regionalism, fear of more joblessness across the nation especially that in the past one year thousands of people have lost their jobs in both formal and informal sectors, fear of a continued brutality and harassment and oppression by the ruling Party of their perceived political opponents in the so called opposition and people have also the fear of skyrocketing of the prices for the commodities.

When we ignore a fly, flying over our meal means we don’t care of what we eating and what harm may be caused to our bodies once we eat a meal with germs. In this we mean, Zambia is faced with real challenges and must be dealt with, without exception if we have to be a beacon of peace and unity again.

The definite position of our nation is that, with the untold fraud of the election, we must also expect the skyrocketing of commodities such as fuel, electricity, mealie meal, flour and other because this is the exact patten of the economy world wide where corruption is breathed like air and bad governance is eaten like food for lunch. In such countries many poor people suffer the worst because they can afford to corrupt anyone and those who have, use what they have to disadvantage the poor more and use the same to climb higher.

The celebration we witnessed is very shortlived and soon the harsh economy shall be felt like heat in the desert if we continue the path we have taken in this past one year.


IFCC – President

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