The price of an insecure president

The price of an insecure president

By Laura Miti

So the Jerabos used voice-notes to threaten Edgar into giving them back the Black Mountain.

Now the Jerabo/cadres will be quiet as they go back to being the muscle of PF violence as they themselves boasted they are, in the said voice-notes.

Tragedy is not that the Black Mountain should not be used for employment creation. It is that the Republican President can be bullied into making policy decisons by thugs who boast of violence on his behalf.

Might as well let back the vendors on to the streets. Point is they are so hungry and no one is thinking about them. So they will be next to riot.

And they, at least, make an honest, if unsightly living. Ndipo the price for Zambians deciding to vote such a weak, insecure, self-intrested President, as Edgar, will be high. Higher than imagined by those who feared his obvious incompetence from the start.

Anyhow, Zambians, sit tight! Nothing but 2021 matters to your President.


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