‘The real questions’


Editor ,

Why is everyone everywhere talking about HH vs Lungu? We should be asking our leaders of what happened to the much published solar hummer mills which were meant to reduce mealie meal to k50? What happened to the Zambia airways which was suppose to start operating last year july which would have created jobs for the youths? on how far is the saudi arabian oil deal which was meant to reduce the price of fuel to k5 which the president showed papers while at the airport while arriving from saudi Arabia? How far is the commissioning of the winter maize project the president promised us in his speech to parliament last of last year? where are we on angola oil pipeline promised to be commissioned by the end of 2016 which could reduce the cost of fuel transportation? And many other questions. .. Sadly were are now spending all our time discussing the application of the public order act, defining treason,  police brutality, discussing on how we can run away from ICC,discussing about how we can form another law association of Zambia. Africa why….


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