The reckless and abusive Northwest PS, Shamulenge

The reckless and abusive Northwest PS, Shamulenge

By Chinyama Ndonji

Dear Editor

Kindly allow my article to be published in your media framework that is a model to Zambia today because of impartiality on pertinent issues affecting our beloved country.

It goes without saying that most of the pronouncements made by our President Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata on corruption and abuse of authority have not been inculcated downwards in his Ministers and Permanent Secretaries. President Sata himself may mean well to root out corruption and abuse of authority but it will remain a white elephant as long as his ministers and Permanent Secretaries do not follow his footsteps.

Dr. Shamulenge, the Permanent Secretary for Northwestern Province’s excitement for his appointment has gone too far. Instead of acting as the Chief Executive for the province and as head of Government, he is behaving as a Tyrant who wants his weight felt both in Government and Private circles. It appears Dr. Shamulenge does not know the responsibility that goes with the office of the Permanent Secretary (PS). Instead of championing the policies of the PF Government to enhance development, he has chosen to be an advocate for insults and has continued to act as a PF cadre because his partisan stance.

A brief background for PS Shamulenge is that he came to Solwezi in 1992 as a Vet Doctor and has lived here ever since.  He lost his job due to negligence of duty as a result of his recklessness Romanian wife. His wife caused Dr. Shamulenge to become a destitute after she ditched him and went back to her country of origin prompting Shamulenge to briefly marry. He has always been a staunch member of UPND until the breakup of PF-UPND pact when he joined PF. He has been an ardent cadre for PF since then. He really worked very hard for PF in the run up to 20 September elections as he was the one sticking up posters for President Sata. Indeed he was rewarded by Sata on his appointment as PS for Northwestern Province.

However, Dr. Shamulenge seems to have forgotten his sufferings when he became a destitute. He has become a monster and a key factor in demeaning Northwesterners, Private owned companies and Government officers perceived to have been sympathisers of the former ruling party the MMD. His wife who came back not too long ago is the one calling shots, insulting innocent people and threatening to fire some Government officers in the name of the wife to the PS an action which is always supported by Dr. Shamulenge as he seems not to worry. As if this is not enough, Mrs. Shamulenge, who is so abusive in her language, has become a cashier and an implementer of some of the Government’s obligations. A point of reference is where she threatened some officers of being fired if she was not given cheques for her to go and buy paint for the renovation of the official Government house for the PS. Mrs. Shamulenge is now the one in charge of all accountable imprest to meet costs for materials to rehabilitate and furnish the official Government house for the PS as residence. Even if it is the designated cashier at Provincial Administration who withdraws the money, the cash goes directly to Mrs. Shamulenge. So far, a memo to a tune of ZMK 174 million has been raised whose expenditure in cash shall be expedited by Mrs. Shamulenge when in fact, a tender should have been floated through Works and Supply for the undertaking.

Moreover, this same house was heftily renovated about a year ago by ministry of works and supply. The very expensive furniture and all other furnishers are still very new and intact as they are of high quality and value. In fact the former PS stayed there alone and only for a very short time. But according to Mrs. Shamulenge, she wants everything to be replaced to her liking hence she is the one to procure everything. The Payment Voucher which is raised under Class and Function # 01315, Account code 322020 in the name of the cashier designate Michael Kantu NRC # 224351/61/1 entails that cash will be or has been drawn for the said rehabilitation and furnishing of Dr. Shamulenge’s Government house ( Refer to attachments, Appendix 1 – Memo, Appendix 2 – Payment Voucher). It is a well known fact that this money will be given to Mrs. Shamulenge. In a nut shell, such kind of an undertaking cannot and should not be raised through a cash payment voucher. Besides this, Mrs. Shamulenge is the one who collects cheques for her husband’s fuel allocation and other allowances.

This is just a drop of the many underhand methods being applied knowingly with impunity by Dr. Shamulenge and his wife who are on a crusade to fire and flush out all Northwesterners because they did not vote for PF. On a number of occasions, Mrs. Shamulenge has openly lashed out unpalatable language at innocent Northwesterners without recourse. One instance happened a week ago when Mrs. Shamulenge went to Solwezi Post Office for some transaction. She found a long queue but instead of joining it, she forced herself to be number 1 to the amusement of other clients. She was then rebuked to join the line. It was at this point that she started insulting everyone who was in the building and all the post men and women bragging that she was the wife of the PS. Within no time, she called her husband who reacted in a snapshot as he was in the post office within five (5) minutes. Instead of calming the situation and maturely censuring his wife, Dr. Shamulenge equally started showering insults on Zampost staff and threatened to fire everyone.

Dr. Shamulenge is on record of insulting fellow civil servants as dogs. He is equally alleged to have insulted Kansanshi Mines Management in an ambiguous manner through a named Manager for a Contracting firm with Kansanshi mines over something that he should have sought audience himself directly with the mines. Dr. Shamulenge is the main man behind the ill fated recent protest by about 20 PF cadres led by Yobe Banda (who was fired by Kansanshi Mines and Shamulenge wanted him reinstated but failed) demanding for removal of highly qualified Northwesterners in Government line ministries accused of being pro-MMD an insinuation that has been rubbished by MMD. The protest for removal of the only female Town Clerk in the Province and a Northwesterner Elizabeth Kanoka, Joshua Kamanya the Deputy Permanent Secretary, PACO, Head of Immigration Office, and other officers must be condemned at all costs. These are neither MMD nor PF but civil servants who are a pride of Northwestern. It is believed that it is Dr. Shamulenge who spearheaded the protest which has enraged the people of Northwestern Province who have started meeting in groupings with a view of fighting back in any way possible if the trend is not checked. This has the potential to cause havoc that may be difficult to quench as many people have perceived the vice to be an ethnic war because all the protesters involved are not Northwesterners yet they are targeting Northwesterners only. Dr. Shamulenge has also been named as the one in charge of the PF cadres that have started collecting levies in markets and bus stations.

People of north-western have vowed to expose Dr. Shamulenge who they say they know very much from the time he stole a cream doughnut in Shoprite to the time a Government vehicle under his charge mysteriously went missing. They have called on His Excellency the President Mr. Sata to review the behaviour of Dr. Shamulenge in entirety without shielding him as he (shamulenge) will bring shame and embarrassment to the crusade of the President on corruption and abuse of authority. Dr. Shamulenge is far from knowing the roles of Permanent Secretary going by his innuendos. So far he has antagonised the PF government to alarming levels. The other danger is that he has even stepped on toes of PF sympathisers in Government Departments because of his ignorance on the functions of the office he holds. His wife’s actions leave much to be desired. She is always being driven around in the official vehicle for the PS. It was actually embarrassing on World Aids Day Commemorations where the PS Dr. Shamulenge failed to flag off the match past and instead sent the Deputy Mayor because his wife had gone with his official car to buy cigarettes and took long. Dr. Shamulenge should also stop going to Government and Parastatal officers offices and take their seats in their absence and equally start showering unprintables to subordinates on things he knows not. In all fairness, Dr. Shamulenge has failed to perform as PS and seems to have no idea on the functions on that office. He has also embarked on lavish expenditure that are not even budgeted for. He over the weekend attempted to take Government graders to grade the road leading to his Helen’s Classic Lodge a move that enraged RDA officials who again not too long ago were instructed by Shamulenge to go and sabotage a named MMD official and an employee at Kansanshi Mines’ plot along independence avenue in front of Mema House where gravel, 19mm aggregate stones and quarry dust were deliberately mixed using a Government RDA front end loader just to frustrate the developer without cause.

Dr. Shamulenge’s uncouth political retribution and witch hunt though aimed at MMD has potential to create a crisis as people of Northwestern are planning to group not as a political party but one unit of Northwesterners because they too are affected. Time for politics is gone and now is time for development. The people of Northwestern are requesting the PF to give President Sata time to settle down and lead the nation especially that they anticipate he will too make a difference to the province before they can think of supporting him. The recklessness and abuse of office by Shamulenge will make PF government become irrelevant sooner than later. President Sata should consider appointing Northwesterners as PS and Minister respectively for him and his party to easily penetrate.


Concerned Zambian Citizen and Northwesterner

Northwestern Province

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