The rot at Chipata Clinic

The rot at Chipata Clinic

Dear Watch Dog, kindly bring this to the attention of the public and most importantly the Ministry of health it’s self.

I used to hear about the mess at Chipata Clinic/First level hospital but never thought it was that serious until today I took my wife there.

Two things that broke my heart so badly are:
(1) Work culture and bad attitudes of the staff at the facility. Watch Dog, get it from me it’s pathetic, my wife and I arrived at the hospital as early as 07:30, we bought our book as per requirement, registered and then went to the reception where her BP was supposed to be checked, after that we were told to go have Covid test, of which we did after an hour long of standing in the que. From that time, 0800hours, my wife was only attend to at 18:30 and that was consultation only. From 11:00 to about 15:00, the hospital was as good as closed, patient were there crying, those who were a little better left without being attend to… My wife and I waited all day not because we were able to wait but because she was in great pain and I had not enough money to take her to a private clinic. To sum up that Useless service, my wife among many others, was directed to go from room two, which is the consultant room to room 7 which is the injection room. We were again kept for an hour as the man on duty in that room said he was knocking off thus could not attend to us, we should wait for the next person on duty. We waited again and when this so called person on duty came, we went in again only to be told there was no medication… Imagine my wife’s condition, being kept the whole day at the hospital ending up to be told there is nothing even to relieve her pain. I was so upset and filmed at the staff not because there was no medication but because they were offering a bad service by keeping patient long hours knowing they won’t get anything… Imagine if my wife(God forbid) would die in the night due to no medication but yet spent a whole day at the hospital… Madam MASEBO should come to the aid of the people of Chipata Compound and Surrounding areas. The stuff at Chipata clinic is not only playful but worst of the ruled service providers I have ever encountered… The quarrel and should at patients like they wish. You can so your on investigation,go there ask for the lady who was at the reception today 1st November 2021 and also the one who was in room 6…ask how many people the argued with.

(2) While I was rubbing my self again the walls of the same hospital with hope my wife would be treated… I got pressed and went seeking relief in the hospital’s sanitary hall. Again what I found there was so upset, hospital toilet without running Water!? It’s sad and do unhygienic… I could not capture the pots for they are disgusting but these walls here can tell you that the place despite being new is in a mess and unfortunate.

Please Let the Ministry Know what is happening at The hospital more especially the incompetence of the staff at the hospital…

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