The Shawi Fawazi I know is a criminal

Dear Editor,
Please hide my I.D for security reasons.

Perhaps a little back ground information(though not exhaustive) on the above person will help the debate on his support for PF and its implications to the general public: would you trust a government that is going to bed with such a character?

Shawi Fawazi’s background:
His father was a major mandrax and cannabis dealer in the 60s and 70s,he was running two major businesses as a cover: a shoe importing company and Eastern Blocks on the outskirts of Chilenje near Chandamali Army Rifle range.
He later opened Casbah Lebanese Restaurant through his then teenage son: Shawi.

Shawi’s father claimed that his son was born in Zambia,and managed to get him a forged birth certificate and passport,but for us who know the family well,Shawi was born in Lebanon!

Shawi,to endear himself to Zambians started playing basket ball with some Lusaka Teams..where he was reported in whispers to have been:
(1). Sodomising some players(practising homosexuality) and  certain current and past  senior officials in the Zambia Basket Ball Association.
(2). Running a drug supply ring,particularly Mandrax and cocaine in Lusaka,South Africa and Zaire. These drugs were/are still being supplied from his war torn home country of Lebanon(he has also a Lebanese passport as well as Congolese and a South African one)
(3). Shawi is a criminal of the highest order. Every car,truck that he purportedly owns or sells or that his Hetro Mining owns is stolen!He runs an international motor vehicle ring operating in Malawi,DRC,Tanzania,Namibia,Mozambique,Zimbabwe,Zambia,South Africa,Australia etc.
In fact, stealing cars is his favourite leisure activity inspite of all the so called wealth he claims to have.

Up to this day,he personally gets involved in staging the robberies,which are often violent.

The law enforcement agencies have been thoroughly compromised: DEC,Police,Home Affairs,Judiciary etc can’t seemingly touch him!

Remember the several instances he’s been set free either from police custody,courts of law etc?

The list goes on and on.

Young Grant Kolala did not die in vain,we seek GOD’s vengeance on the blood that was shed!

May Shawi’s soul rot in the eternal fire in hell!!!

And this the PF strongman in NWP! Oh My GOD what have we Kaondes done to deserve such a cursed man settle in our midst?

Shame on Zambia!Are we that cheap that a Jerabo can control a ruling party(PF)?

We need answers and fast!

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