The silent voice of people will send Lungu away from State House – Phiri

The silent voice of people will send Lungu away from State House – Phiri


COPPERBELT Advocacy for Justice and Peace executive director Abrahama Phiri says the Patriotic Front has fallen short of what it was formed under Michael Sata.

Reflecting on the year 2019, Phiri said there should be no retreating on the fight against corruption.
He said President Edgar Lungu should be more focused in 2020.

“Without malice whatsoever, the President (Lungu) needs to now show leadership. It should not be business as usual. President Lungu seem not to be serious or care about the welfare of the people. We are in an economic crisis created by the PF and Mr Lungu. Mr Lungu should be more serious as President in 2020,” Phiri said. “No retreat, no surrender on fighting corruption. He needs to be more serious and dedicated to work. Corruption in his government is what has made us to be where we are today.”

He said the majority Zambians were suffering in silence.

Phiri, a human rights activist, noted that the silent voice of the people would send President Lungu away from State House.

“If there is something dangerous is a silent person. The silence of the Zambian people will speak so loud come 2021, that we have seen and it will happen,” he said.

Phiri said the crisis the country was in today could only be resolved if the President shows serious leadership.
And Phiri said 2019 had been a year of misery.

“We have seen a lot of bad sides in 2019. The unprecedented hike in mealie meal, load-shedding… This is what 2019 has provided for us. But all this falls on the President who is Edgar Lungu. If the President is not showing well, nothing can change for the citizens,” Phiri said. “In 2019 we also observed a lot of arrogance from those in authority. The political space reduced also. The PF cadres’ high levels of violence without regard to the law. Unfair dismissals. This is what the PF presented to us in 2019. We hope things can slightly change going in 2020. It is those in authority to make this become a reality.”

He said poverty has been the order of the day for the citizens.

“We have been doing little or nothing to improve the lives of the people of Zambia. When we speak like this we don’t mean to make the party in government unpopular but we want them to change the lives of the people,” said Phiri.

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