The state of Affairs in Zambia

By David Banda

Let me begin by saying, I was one of the people who had so much confidence in the PF Government considering the corruption tag that the MMD carried for a long time and I was heightened when Sata took over thinking the PF Government will transform the nation in 90 days and will see the rule of the law upheld.

Little did I know that we are putting a bunch of people with no regard for the rule of law and abusing the people of Zambia as though they are not the ones who swore to defend the freedoms that we enjoy?
I have lost so much confidence in the PF and we the people of Zambia are to blame because we wanted change and we voted for it and we got change but just the extreme change that we did not envision. Sata has no regard for diplomacy that’s why he is acting the way he is in so many public domains.

The brutal beating up of citizens is the worst form of human abuse I have seen in a long time and I thought that only people like Mugabe who are so corrupt, use such demeanors to react to demonstrations but I guess I was wrong.

The fact that Sata became friends with Mugabe again and supporting each other’s brutality is enough persona to carry out those wicked human abuses against unarmed people. Even if the Lusaka chief did not give the permit to demonstrate, they can never use force to such an extent and beat the innocent youths to death to quail that gathering.

The constitution was violated and they must sue the state for abusing them and causing bodily injury to them. The type of force they used was excessive and the opponents were not armed they used deadly force. We the people are to blame for getting someone who is not educated in that high office and that’s why he is insulting us even to Zimbabweans because that’s the type of a person he is.

The late Levy Mwanawasa condemned the election of Mugabe because of the human abuses going on in that country and yet our president with no regard for the people and feelings of that country embraced Mugabe and supporting early elections. This time 90 days feels like 90 years of captivity and whoever raises a finger against Sata, will be in hot soup because he is a dictator he has always been.
Sata is running this country like a train station, where he does not consider who is on the tracks as long as they are trying to challenge him, he will hit them hard and that’s why we saw what happened to those youths yesterday and all those instructions came from state house to make sure that the youths pay dearly and those would be offenders against the PF days of captivity fear for their lives.

All the youths are trying to do is to lodge a complaint that they want their K14B back from Nchito and M’membe and Sata should not be shielding them from being accountable to the people of Zambia.
Sata please tell us what your plan for Zambia is because we are still waiting for more money in our pockets in relation to Jobs, the K14 billion that your crooks have stolen from the people of Zambia even though that money will never be paid back because it was an unsecured loan so they will fight hard not to pay that money and as long as Sata is in office, the money will never be paid.

The injustices and human abuses we have started seeing is just the beginning of what we are yet to see and in 5 years will be worse than Zimbabwe.

Just look at the selective fight against corruption, if you want to be safe join the PF and he will not slap you with corruption charges and that’s why the MPs in Zambia have no morality and stand and be careful because these sins will visit you one day as well.

Those of you in authority and influential positions never take the poor and the weak for granted because God has their backs and when He reacts to protect their cause, your dark corner meetings will be exposed.
God bless the people of Zambia

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