The strangers causing chaos in PF

The strangers causing chaos in PF

By Friday Kashiwa

The phrase ‘The comedy of errors’ is often used as an expression to describe a situation that is full of mistakes, misrepresentation of facts, cunning, contradictions, outlandish blunders and buffoonery, that at the end of it all, the situation created becomes FUNNY.

Does this sound familiar with what we are witnessing and being subjected to nowadays in the PF Administration?

Yes, but the only difference is that the comedy of errors we are witnessing in the PF GOVT is not something close to being FUNNY to make you and me to clap or laugh but one situation that is more often making us weep and cry as if we are watching a horror movie called This is your Zambia today.

But how have these guys – the PF general membership and the PF Government and higher hierarchy, in particular found themselves in this circus and comedy of errors?
The simple answer is through the recruitment, appointments and hiring of total strangers to the party, the so called New Comers being infused into the party’s higher hierarchy.
It’s these same new comers who are now being allowed and being given control of some of the most important and strategic responsibilities in the party and Govt such as the Media functionalities.
The same new comers, perhaps with little or completely with no understanding of the values, ideals and ideologies on which PF was founded by the founding fathers.
The same new comers with perhaps little or no understanding and appreciation of the PF policies.
The same new comers with perhaps little or no understanding and appreciation of the PF party manifesto and its embedded messages of pro poor government and lower taxes.

Fellow Zambians, let me attempt to share some of the already well known background checks on some of the prominent new comers into the PF; Dora Siliya, Sunday Chanda and Antonio Mwanza, the three chosen ones who have now assumed and have been given the responsibilities of running and managing the directorates of Govt as well as the PF Party propaganda machinery, the Media.
How much and how well these people understand the PF manifesto is topic for another day.
But suffice to say that as Zambians as well as all the genuine PF general membership, we are yet to see and hear Dora, Sunday and Antonio articulate PF policies and programs.
So far what we hear from them is all about HH and the UPND.
The PF media Hot-air Hallucination (HH) syndrome, it seems, is just one typical example of their failure to articulate and sell and market the party’s policies and programs to the Zambians. It’s one typical example of thier total denial and failure to comprehend the realization that as media team, their job description is to sell and market the PF party policies and not to tell us zambians about who eats with HH and many other baseless and off tune accusations.

A political party manifesto is not just an ordinary document that any new comer of any political party can just pick from the shelves and start reading in order to win some job appointment, a manifesto is not some literature one can just pick from the shelves and start reading like someone studying for the ZIALE exams.
Manifestos need to be owned, be part and parcel of someone’s purpose of joining and belonging to any party and to be passionately understood for ease of information dissemination to the voting masses. A manifesto is any party’s selIing and marketing tool, it’s not for new comers, It’s not for pretenders.

Some may argue that there’s nothing wrong with PF welcoming newcomers. Of course there is nothing wrong, as long as those new comers background checks confirm that their intentions for joining the party or accepting any available positions are genuine and are motivated by the love of the policies and programs .
Not just opportunism.. Not with hidden skeletons that will end up embarrassing them when the members of the public start retrieving their old offending posts from Facebook archives.

– Dora Siliya, when she was still in the MMD opposition, continued her ruthless and relentless attacks on PF and the founding President Sata.
In March 2013, Dora Siliya as MMD MP was captured by camera in parliament raising her middle finger towards the PF Ministers and MPs, an insulting gesture.
This act was widely condemned inside and outside parliament.
But Dora Siliya received maximum support from the opposition MMD Youths, led by then MMD Die Hard National Coordinator Bowman Lusambo, who instead launched his own attacks on the Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini.
Lusambo said instead of attacking Dora Siliya, the nation should be focusing on forcing Speaker Matibini to resign for allegedly failing to uphold integrity in the conduct of his duties.
Lusambo ” We should be more concerned about removing the Speaker because WE HAVE A PF CADRE FOR A SPEAKER. ” Bowman Lusambo is now not only eating cheese but also PF Minister for Lusaka Province, a member of the front bench in Patrick Matibini led parliament.
Dora Siliya later on joined PF from MMD in May 2015, seven (7) months after the death of the PF founding father Michael Chilufya SATA.

Sunday Chanda, prior to the 2011 General elections with intent to injure the reputation of opposition PF President Sata, made some overtures, through pictures and imitation voice notes. This recordings and pictures of two girls kissing were meant to show that SATA was promoting, supporting and receiving external funding for Homosexual campaigns.
This is according to one James Lukuku who is said to have been approached by Sunday Chanda for financial support to enable him, Sunday Chanda to carry out some dirty media campaign project of exposing SATA as an Homosexual campaigner.
James Lukuku was then ruling party MMD Lusaka Province Youth Secretary.
Sunday Chanda later on joined PF in September 2014, three years after PF won the elections and one month before the death of President SATA.

Antonio Mwanza, in February 2014, then FDD spokesperson unleashed a scathing media statement attack on PF President, regarding the Constitution amendment process the PF administration had embarked on.
Antonio said: ” SATA should not forget that no matter what happens in 2016 or beyond, he will be made to account for his stay in State House when he leaves that office.” Antonio concluded his scathing attack.
SATA never had the chance to reach 2016, he died nine months later in King Edward Hospital, UK.
Antonio Mwanza later on joined SATA’s PF party in January 2018.

Before am called bitter and all other insulting narratives, please let it be known that am not a member, have never been a member and will never be a member of PF party.
My motivation to write this article is simply to show sympathy to those genuine old founding members of PF who have been sidelined all this long, in preference to the imported members into the PF party; The new comers, The strangers.
Those who are now eating cheese.
If you so wish, you can go ahead and insult me today, but you will remember and thank me later, in due course.
Friday Kashiwa.
Shiwangandu District.

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