The suffering we’ve been exposed to will haunt PF beyond 2016 general elections – Kabwe mother

The suffering we’ve been exposed to will haunt PF beyond 2016 general elections – Kabwe mother

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 11.22.50A WOMAN whose family is among many others evicted from the Katanino Resettlement Scheme says the suffering they have been subjected to under the PF will haunt the ruling party beyond the 2016 general elections.

Several people were in the early hours of Wednesday injured when police officers, enforcing an eviction order, brought down houses as people were sleeping.

The residents lamented the actions by the police as most of the affected families had legal documents of ownership of the land in question.

Speaking on behalf of others, Joyce Mwila said it was unfortunate that the police chose to invade the area when people were sleeping, forcibly opening doors as though they had gone to apprehend criminals.

“They have taken our men and how do they expect us to live in this manner? We are Zambians who should have been engaged, Zambians who should be respected despite the  wrong we could have committed but on this one, most of us we have legal documentation. If there is any decision from those that sold this land to us to settle here, we should have been told and engaged than what we have been subjected to and I can assure you that the suffering we have been exposed to under the PF leadership will haunt them beyond the 2016 general elections,” warned Mwila.

Kashitu PF ward councillor Angela Mulenga, said 34 houses were destroyed, leaving numerous families displaced.

She explained that there was a court order which displaced her people but could not give details of it.

“What is happening in my ward, there are some farmers who have been displaced by the court order, so right now, some are in custody but they are innocent. My people have been left in the cold,” lamented Mulenga.

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