The Terrorising of HH at his house

The Terrorising of  HH at his house

The event that took place on the 9th of April 2017, midnight at president Hichilema’s house when alleged police officers wearing masks terrorised the UPND president Hichilema Hakainde has a lot of questions that I would love to be looked into by you our senior citizens and all those who believes in justice for all citizens.

On the material day colossal sums of moneys went missing from the accused person Mr Hichilema Hakainde, the food in the house was looted by the same alleged police officers and some assets of the accused person such as vehicles and phones were all illegally seized.

Probably the vehicles were used to carry the looted items from the accused persons house. This makes me shade tears and peruse through the constitution of Zambia to see which law the alleged police officers who were present at the scene used to handle the accused person, family and his workers who were tortured.

From my critical analysis, I have been asking my self a lot of questions concerning the manner in which president Hichilema was arrested and my arguments are as follows;

1.Can a trained police officer who knows the law get the accused person’s assets without authorizing documents?

2. Can a police officer who is a professional and someone who passed through lilayi or Kanfisa police college wear a mask to execute his/ her clean duties such as arresting those alleged to have committed a crime?

I have asked the questions above because, I have seen well trained Zambian police officers summoning the UPND president Hakainde Hichilema to their respective police stations so that he answers questions and he has always obliged to all the police summons since the time he joined active politics.

From my analysis, it all seems on that particular night president Hichilema Hakainde was visited by strangers who abused Zambian police service uniforms hence they decided to mask their faces for fearing of being easily identified by the general public or the family of Mr Hichilema.

Because there is no way a trained police officer can hide his/ her true identity whilst carrying out clean duties especially that they were dealing with a none violent and unarmed citizen like Mr Hichilema.

The last time I saw such acts of people hiding their faces was in 2009 midnight when a group of agrivated robbers attacked our house. They were all wearing black masks and in most cases those could be familiar people within the compounds who feared to be identified by the victims during the illegal procession. Therefore my demand is that senior citizens should guide us what it means for a public figure like president Hichilema to be treated in such a manner.

Dear, senior citizens do you think real police officers can conduct themselves in such a manner?

As far as I am concerned, well trained police officers can’t do such a thing to person like president Hichilema because they understand the law.

Fellow citizens my first question is that who visited the UPND president Hichilema Hakainde on that particular night?

And what was their real motives looking at how the house of the accused person was damaged?

Because no trained police officer is permitted to eat the food of the accused person even if one is arrested for treason.

No trained police officer can urinate on the bed of the accused person no matter how big the offence the accused is alleged to have committed.

No trained police officer can get the clothes of the accused such as pants during the arrest, but on that material day president Hichilema’s under wears were stolen and this simply means president Hichilema was not visited by real police officers and Zambians are looking forward to know the people who conducted themselves in such a manner that even our traditional values can’t allow.

Further more the police should investigate the whole fracas during that material day. And tell the public who really terrorised the incarcerated opposition leader and his workers.

Truly speaking if you sit down and analyze things properly, you would agree with me that president Hichilema Hakainde was not visited by our real brothers and sisters in uniforms going by the conduct the alleged police officers exhibited at the scene.

NOTE: The looting and house breaking at president Hichilema’s house was reported to police last week by Mrs Hichilema.My appeal to all concerned citizens is that this issue should not be ignored because it is inhuman treatment of Mr Hichilema.

It is clear that the accused person is being tortured as we saw what happened on Friday after a court session when some alleged police officers wanted him to board on a police vehicle full of dog faeces.This is a mental torture being exerted on the accused person.



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