The true losers of 2015 by-election

By Dr Robert Mtonga

So the day finally came. A Red-Letter Day. The Sixth Republican President of Zambia has been sworn in. The Stadium was filled to the rafters!

A befitting state luncheon was appointed for a select and representative few.

Laughter all round. The mood truly festive!

Congratulations President Edgar Chagwa Lungu!

In memory of this day ,a friend of mine put it on this wise:-

“See who goes into diplomatic missions, the whole clan. Mediocre. The poor guy who braved the heavy rains to go[and cast his ] vote, is already forgotten, 20 people sharing a water tap, needless deaths in the health facilities. You would think this should be at the top of their to-do list, nope.’

She continues, “Moral conscience went through the window. I’m glad it’s over, because it’s nothing, it was never anything and we are at square one, until the people who are hurting are taken care of, it will be nothing”

Sepiso , the purveyor of these thoughts may have coined them to vent her anger or perhaps as a case of sour grapes.

Frighteningly and in hindsight, may be my friend is right. Maybe the poorest of the poor who need more, rather than less, Government should take a few moments to reflect upon whom they voted for, nay why they voted at all.

If they voted for themselves, their children’s future, for clean water, for an enabling environment to improve their lot, then perhaps they voted aright. On the other hand If they voted to maintain the status quo that Sepiso vocalized in her poignant words rehearsed above, then they voted unwisely as in voting amiss, these folks are the ultimate losers…

Sob! Sob!  God save our motherland!

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