The truth about Nevers Mumba

The truth about Nevers Mumba

Dear Editor,

In 1997 as a senior cell leader at victory church while attending church service, Dr. Mumba announced he was forming National Christian Coalition to sensitise and encourage christians to go into politics and few days later, he addressed us and we asked him how he would field candidates since it was not a political party.

He replied, ”I didn’t think of that.” Brig. Gen. Godfrey Miyanda as Vice President of MMD and Zambia went on ZNBC TV and said, he had read the constitution of NCC, therefore it was a political party.

Pastor Mumba denied untill he changed it to National Citizens Coalition and church cell leaders became his bodyguards and that first Sunday, I led a team of the most affluent Cell members who belonged to my cell in Riverside and walked out of church as we felt betrayed.

When Nevers was our Pastor we had difficulties to defend the infamous house in Riverside he claimed he bought yet he used to camp there for retreat and this poor white widow is alleged to have given him which infuriated her children who were abroad. Because we believed him so much he even had one of Sue Macdemonds a white missionary who came to be his secretary.

We told Mrs Eva Sanderson, that we smelt a rat. Among key members who left church were Jeremiah Phiri a UK trained and a successful proprietor of Dove Computers, Mr. Kapungulya, brother to Mrs Chileshe, French teacher at Mpelembe Secondary School, Late Mrs Antoinette Harrison, a refuge from Rwanda and Boss at Cadbury Schweeps, successful businessman Mr. Singogo of Kitwe, A Mr Phiri who now runs a school with wife in Kitwe also left in disappointment.

We saw Mr. Mukumbi Jonas a lawyer joining church because he had jumped ship of Enock Kavindele’s party and Mr. Mukanshi Ben now in South Africa became his lead defenders of the new vision. Over the years, we have been vindicated that the question Frank Mutubila asked Dr Mumba on Frank Talk before he formed the NCC and I quote, ”would you one day join politics?” His answer was, ”No it would be a demotion to give up my Godly position to serve in government.”

He was wrong because he had jumped several canoes if not ships, he became the spokesperson of the elections petitioners and abandoned them, joined MMD and became VEEP. In his quest for ”Zambia Shall be Saved” he was fired by Levy when he addressed a press conference when his boss was out of the country and said that Moses Katumbi of DRC was fuelling war against Zambia.

When he left the pulpit, he handed it over to his uncle Rev Lubuto Nsofu, who was a tenant to my grandfather in Riverside extension. He was no favourite of the flock as most preferred Rev Siame who was focused and who used to call a spade a spade. It wasn’t long before Rev. Siame formed his own Manna Church because his role was not needed in the family of Victory Church. Most members got disillusioned and left with Rev. Siame.

This is the man, MMD has for president, who got a job from RB as an Ambassador to Canada and used to denounce PF. When he saw PF win, he sounded sympathetic but he was a known opportunist. Yes he was my Pastor, but I have no belief that he means well.

Former Member of Never’s Church.

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