The truth about Zaffico

The truth about Zaffico

Letters to the Editor:

Zambians should read between the line there is no free Lunch .

Last monthy a Chinese mining company NFCA of chambeshi bought 612 ZAFFICO houses for sitting tenants from govt at $270,000 .The houses were handed over to ZAFFICO employees by Felix Mutati and hon kampamba MULENGA.

Few days later we saw an advert on Industrial Development Corporation ( IDC ) website for a tender for provision of transaction advisory services for listing of ZAFFICO on Lusaka stock exchange.

Could this be a coincidence for Chinese mining company buying ZAFFICO houses for $270,000 for free and listing of ZAFFICO at the Lusaka stock market ?

It does not make business sense for govt to justify that citizens will have an opportunity to buy shares in ZAFFICO, As an expert in natural resources management there are no profits in forests as compared to huge capital injection or investment.

Worldwide forests are mainly used for environmental conservation, as carbon sinks to fight against global warming not for proft Making. Surely which Zambian can invest into ZAFFICO when the returns are too minimal or nothing in a long run.Which capitalist or a Chinese would plant a tree today and wait for years to harvest?.

Let truth be told this is a business conspiracy, it is the Chinese who are interested in the forests land and not forests itself.
Under those ZAFFICO forests there is high grade of copper and other minerals.It does not make sense for a mining company to buy houses for forest empoyees when they own employees are homeless. LETS THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

Zambian lets wake up and protect our environment and our resources.
Vincent Chaile
President for Radical Revolutionary Party (RRP).

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