‘The Unholy Trinity: – In the name of -Sata, Kabimba and Mmembe’

It is interesting to see how the Patriotic Front has been turned into the unholy trinity of the father, the son and the unholy spirit. In fact, Wynter Kabimba has confessed that president Michael Sata is the father several times. “I want to tell you today, if President Sata stopped being President, I’ll quite, I will not serve any other person. He’s my father…. He knows me more than my father….after President Sata; I’ll not accept anyone offering me a job as minister. I’ll refuse; I want you to know that” Kabimba said (The post, 13/06/14). 

What does Wynter mean when he says he will not serve any other person or accept anyone offering him a ministerial job? Probably he may have to be the President himself- in the redemption plan.

The Redemption Plan: The unholy spirit carried headline story:- President Michael Sata has refused to auction PF to hijackers – “he set up PF to serve the poor…., the values of our founding and Republican President Michael Chilufya Sata must be protected from people that want to hijack the party using money”- Kabimba (The post, 27/05/14).

What is happening in PF is not different from the prisoner’s dilemma in game theory. Wnyter kabimba knows too much about Sata such that Sata is scared of him to confess otherwise his term of office will be shortened, but Wnyter cannot confess otherwise he will not be blessed to take over Sata. The Post on the other hand cannot criticize Sata’s leadership otherwise he would go for them on the Zambia Airways debt, at the same time it is time for Mmembe to make money quietly, probably through government contracts for his post courier, and the post newspaper too. Therefore, the post has to keep praising Sata. Sata knows it will be difficult for him to govern without the post considering his current status. The prisoner dilemma has given birth to the unholy trinity.

Bless me father to take over presidency, for I am the only faithful, loyal and obedient son. “My service, loyalty and faith is to President Sata because he can tolerate me and because of this, I’ll reciprocate my loyalty to him…Be careful with these prophets of doom” Kabimba said (The post, 13/06/14).

Kabimba quoted George Orwell and he said “he who controls the party controls the present, he who controls the present controls the future” (The post, 27/05/14). Simply put Kabimba is the way, the truth and the light; no one goes to the father but by him, Given Lubinda you are out, GBM you are out, Lameck Mangani you are out including your small devils like Komaki. Kambwili and Nsanda watch out, who do you, think people say I am? I am the true son and the only disciple of Sata-the almighty and powerful Kabimba armed by the post-the unholy spirit.

Indeed Wynter Kabimba is the almighty; the powerful in the unholy trinity. How else can one explain why Wynter when he had Trafigura oil deal corrupt allegation against him Sata defended him from investigation. Mr Sata castigated the Anti Corruption Commission for not getting permission from him when investigating senior party officials. He explained that by law the commission is supposed to get permission from him to investigate any senior party official.

PF cadres’ country-wide including members of the central committee the highest party organ of the party rose against Wnyter and demanded his blood and removal from the position of Secretary General and I could hear him shouting; father why have you forsaken me? Sata come to his defense. The constitution of the country is in a standstill motion and yet he is using tax payers’ money going round the country for party mobilization and campaigns for his Presidential bid. Just the one day, he was boasting to have rigged the 2011 election by committing an offence against the laws of this land. Where is justice? This explains why our judicial system is rotten because the man in charge is not doing his Job.

And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you, when the advocate comes, whom I will send to you from my father- the unholy spirit of propaganda who praises my father will testify about me (Wynter) and the PF. Thus the post became the advocate for the Sata, PF and Wnyter. Prior to the 2006 election during Mwanawasa time (MHSRP) the post wrote rubbish about Sata and the PF. What has changed? Sata is in state house!

Today, the post and Mmembe have become the advocates, defenders and spokesperson for the PF, Sata and Wnyter. I am fine and working! He called us, yes it is true, he is fine and working can’t you see the picture on our front page? – The post shouted. Since the PF acceded to power the editorial policy of the post newspaper seems to have changed to that of praising Sata, PF and Kabimba including Angel Gabriel –Guy Scot. Well they have a right to defend and support anyone. It is there democratic right!

We shall wait to see how far the redemption plan to serve the PF in the unholy trinity scheme will succeed in 2016. One thing for sure is true of Wnyter; he thrives on Sata and the Post. The rest in the party those that seem to be in good books with him are only paying political patronage for he is the only way to political survival in the party for now. Well as for the Zambian people, they are not bothered about him because they are convinced he is no Presidential material. And they all shouted in PF, give us the prodigal son!!!

A voice within PF

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