The uselessness of the MP for Malole (Emmanuel Munaile)

I am a Bemba from Chitimukulu area. In the last 5 years I have visited my home village three times and was surprised to know that our area MP is Emmanuel Munaile! I talked to many people including my uncle who is one of the headmen in Chitimukulu and they confirmed that their area MP has not been there and had done little to develop the area.

Indeed last week again I was in Malole constituency. The road from Kasama to Chitimukulu is a sorry site.

There are so many pot-holes and the gravel road is beyond description (Hell Run)!. Then I asked myself: What is the point of having an MP who lives in Lusaka and never visits his constituency? What value is there in being an MP only to receive gratuity at the end of 5 years for nothing? What have the poor people of Malole benefited from their MP?.I see betrayal and abuse of the poor by a selfish and useless politician like Munaile.

I have never heard him say anything about Malole in parliament and now the 5
years are over! I can Imagine he will get K500,000,000 gratuity for making Malole worse than he found it!
My plea is that such a useless MP never be given any opportunity to come closer to my people in Malole in this year’s election. We need men and women who can make a difference and not just fattening themselves at the expense of poor Zambians. This betrayal and abuse of the poor should stop! Shame on you Emmanuel Munaile! If I were you I would not receive my gratuity because my conscious would never allow me!

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