The Watchdog requires correspondents

The Zambian Watchdog is an underground, online newspaper providing 24-hours breaking, and investigative news in and about Zambia.

Excluding Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Youtube, the Zambian Watchdog is the most browsed website in Zambia, according to

The Watchdog monitors government operations, analysis each and every pronouncement made or action taken by government.  The Watchdog investigates and exposes corruption in public offices and by public offices.

The Watchdog is 100 per cent independent of any narrow political or other short-term or partisan interest. It is wholly and completely controlled by editors whose thrust is to monitor government and other Zambians interests.

The Zambian Watchdog wishes to engage correspondents to boost its operations in the following towns: Chipata, Livingstone, Kasama, Mansa, Mongu and Solwezi.

Though applicants based in other towns will be considered, preference will be given to applicants in the towns mentioned above.

Make no mistake; we shall scrutinize your CV thoroughly to make sure you are not a PF/government or any other political party agent.

Send your updated CV to [email protected]

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