The ways of dictators

By Bishop Simon Chihana
May I mention that it is part of work and life to enjoy writing on different things and subjects of life and issues pertaining to godliness or biblical based and also about governance. I also find it a great pleasure to write nuggets which I usually send to friends whom I feel at that time need my encouragement in one way or the other. Those who like writing, usually do so in the night when there is total silence from being obstructed by anything or anybody.
And therefore early hours of past 01.00hrs, I sat up to write some thoughts about dictators and their ways. Surely, my desire is not to injure anyone but rather make the Zambian people and beyond to have a sense of how dictators behave.
We may agree that dictators are in different forms, some grow up with tendencies of a dictator, others are shaped up with time by people that surround them due to wanting to holding to power and not to serve people but to be the only ones wanting to enjoy the benefits of being in power, others become dictators because they think there is no one else better than them to lead the people. The bottom line is that, it all comes from the spirit of greediness and self-deception.
I have thought of dictators of the past, and some current ones such as, Idi Amin, Mobutu, Stalin, Hitler, Robert Mugabe, Museveni, Kenneth Kaunda, Gadhafi, Saddam, and many more to mention.
The sad part is when one is determined to become one, they stand against all odds of resistance against them and abnormally all dictators seem to have a hero in their minds that inspire them for the greed for power.
                                                      WAYS OF DICTATORS
1. A leader who makes decisions and pronouncements without the consultation of the team he works with like the cabinet
2. A leader who uses the team he works with to rubber stamp his decisions already made.
3. A leader who considers the law or constitution of the land as secondary or nothing to his pronouncements.
4. A national leader who does NOT recognize the opposition as being co-existent in national governance to fulfill the intended goals of the betterment of the people.
5. A leader who hates being challenged objectively by those he works with and much worse the opposition.
6. A leaders who is oppressive and has a know it all attitude.
7. One with a tyrannical leadership and is cruel to his political enemies
8. A political leader who rules by force and sometimes exercise violence even where many times it is not necessary
9. A leader who uses his national security to his personal advantage and not to the advantage of the presidency or the nation.
10. A leader who is determined to bring others completely down so that he remains alone as the ‘all powerful one’
11. A leader who enjoys invading the privacy of his perceived political enemies and considers them as great threats to his position.
12. A leader who enjoys misinforming the public for the interest of arresting his perceived offenders works out creating a cult around himself for his deceived followers
13. A dictator will always try and do what the public are crying for that which is opposed to the opposition to just remain in power but will never do what people are crying for if it is against his leadership unless forced out to do so.
14. A dictator uses public funds to attack, oppress and weaken the opposition. 
15. A dictator is never pleased to hear of ‘ another king being born’ (the Herald and Jesus story)
16. A dictator hates rich people who never support them and this makes them to wonder where such rich people have given their allegiance
17. They enjoy causing their political opponents flee into exile so that they can always exercise their ‘ freedom’
18. They nationalize businesses if inflation persists in order to try and keep control of the nation that is breaking up and may rise against them if not checked and controlled with socialistic type of economy.
19. They always consider themselves as the law of the land.
20. Dictators usually befriend to control. If they can befriend one they feared, then this will amuse them a lot.
21. They enjoy using women for strategic reasons and positions not that they honor them but because they consider them to be very vulnerable to fulfill their intended goals and purposes. E.g. the late Gadhafi of Libya.
22. They also enjoy using children as a front so that people can think that they are soft and harmless and concerned about the welfare of the nation.

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