The Zambia we want walk

The Zambia we want walk

They conveniently kept the cards to chests and to themselves. To confuse the enemy.

They conveniently worked silently behind the scene to strategize on coming up with the most formidable alliance to redeem Zambia.

Most significantly, they conveniently chose Mother’s Day to come together, work together for one purpose: To liberate and redeem Mother Zambia.

They have successfully completed the much anticipated political and political equation and partnership, bringing on board professional and tested leadership.

Welcome on board Honorables, Felix Mutati, Kelvin Bwalya Fube and Ernest Mwansa.

Congratulations to Honorable Charles Milupi for your perseverance and consistency of being an all weather Alliance partner.

Congratulations to President HH and Veep Nalumango as well as the whole UPND family for being so naturally and maturely inclusive.

As for our colleagues in the PF, congratulations for your continued internally generated confusions and in fightings.

As for our national broadcaster, ZNBC, congratulations for your continued selective editorial Independence.

Please continue covering the alleged HH family members who stole and got inprisoned, those are your HEROS.

As for our galant men and women in uniform, the Police, congratulations for arresting Innocent Kalimanshi for the crime of being assaulted.

And also for arresting those PF cadres who assaulted Innocent Kalimanshi, the assaulter of the ones who assaulted him.

With the concluded and signed Alliance, Mother Zambia is now destined for redemption and removing itself from the now worldwide ridicule of being branded as:


Friday Kashiwa.

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