Theft by Chirundu DEBS personell too much

Stealing of Public Resources at Chirundu District Education Board Office is unprecedented.

A lot of irregularities have emerged and a trend which has been happening since 2016.

The DEBS in collusion with the accounts assistant (Name withheld) have made several irregular payments not authorized by the District Finance Committee.

According to our reliable sources both at the District office and PEO, the trend of siphoning public resources has reached very high levels, where the DEBS is doing it with impunity, while the Provincial Education Officer is watching and cannot do anything for fear of his job. According to snap shop data obtained so far slightly over ZMW1, 500,000 has since been spend on personal business by the District boss alone.

According to our investigation, she is very clever in her mind by using junior officers as imprest holders for programmes for other Units or Departments. This is how she has been siphoning cash from Government coffer without shame;

She has always instructed this particular accountant to cut cheques in the names of the following officers;
• Her converted personal driver (Guidance Teacher at Mandenga Primary) Mr. Obert Sibajene
• The Teacher from Chirundu Secondary, Constance Chibwe who she converted to act as Human Resources Management Officer
• Her personal building clerk who she came with from Luangwa
• The District Driver (Name withheld for specific reasons)

Cheques were written for various reasons in the names of the above officers and others who have not mentioned here in the range from ZWM3, 000.00 – 10,000.00 and above on very regular basis for purported various meetings in Lusaka and within the District.
Once the cheques are cashed on the bank count, all the money is always handed over to the District Education Board Secretary there and then for personal use.
Watchdog understands that she has a son studying in China or Russia and she is always under financial pressure to meet her person financial obligations.

This is woman who can go for four days meeting in Chongwe with for example three of her officers but she pay each officer one daily subsistence allowance and she pays herself for four days.

On some specific date earlier this year, she facilitated and cut a cheques amounting to Eight Thousand Kwacha which was for purported meeting in Livingstone with any invitation letter from the organizers of the meeting.

Another, conduit of funds is the SGC filling in Chirundu, she has colluded with Manager at the filling to use the account as the easy siphoning of cash.

At this account, many irregular payments have been made in the past with no accountability and transparency. Information reaching our office is that the account is used to sabotage Government operations;

Huge sums of cheques in the range of ZMW3, 000.00 to ZMW15, 000.00 are regularly made to the filling the fuel that just last less than day days. According to our close source at the filling is that once the cheques is paid, the DEBS goes to withdraw cash in the excess of ZMW5, 000.00. This is done in collusion with the Manager through money laundering scheme.

The remaining funds are used for her personal errands as refuels is used in her personal vehicle in the disguise of the GRZ registration number as seen from the data availed to our by the close sources at the SGC.

Irregular refueling on 10.04.2018;
i) On invoice # 24794, 30.52 litres was gassed amounting ZMW360.30
ii) On invoice # 24800, 89.034 litres was refueled amounting to ZMW1,051.51
On the 15th April, 2018;
i) 19370 – 72.92 litres ZWM861.27
ii) 247721 – 40.68 ZMW480.40
iii) 247722 – 40.59ITRES (P) ZMW550.00
iv) 247723 – 30.5 Litres ZMW360.30
v) 247724 – 30.5 Litres ZMW360.30
vi) 247725 Not known ZMW140.00
vii) 247726 – 30.0 Litres ZMW354.30
Total ZMW3, 106.57
On 23rd May, 2018 the vehicle refueled three times;
i) 4301 – 65.23 litres ZMW770.37
ii) 4302 – 65.23 litres ZMW770.37
iii) 4303 – 30.00 litres ZMW354.30
0N 26th May, 2018 the same vehicle refueled twice;
i) 33098 – 81.35 litres ZMW960.80
ii) 33099 – 81.35 litres ZMW960.80
On 18th June, 2018 the vehicle refueled twice
i) 2755 – 246.12 ZMW2,906.67
ii) 2756 – 74.42 ZMW878.90
The abuse goes on and on.
Meanwhile, officers keep complaining that they are unable to go into field to provide monitoring and supervision as it is reported that there is always no fuel.
She is a very strange DEBS, as she has given herself several titles the latest one is of the procurement officer, she buys everything for the office herself including tissue and other small things though they are bought once after six months also.
All cheques are cashed on the counter and money handed to her. She is running Chirundu DEB Office as her own farm.

All responses submitted to respond to Auditors General’s report is a lie. About 90% of all reports were written by the accounts assistant and her personal Driver driving GRZ vehicle without certificate of competence to drive GRZ vehicle. We shall not challenge that we shall provide proof but we challenge her, the PEO and the officer in charge of PAC at Ministry of General Education to provide and avail all documents that Chirundu submitted so that forensic audit could be conducted. This is when u will discover how corrupt this woman. As said, the submitted documents as evidence, 90% are fake and are forged. She is also challenged to deny and we shall expose her even in a more detailed manner in next article of divide and rule using her cartel and money laundering to the office of Lusaka Provincial Education Office and Permanent Secretary. She always brags that nothing can happens to her no matter how much people report because she holds of the Office of PEO and PS at MOGE in her palm using money laundering levied using 40% cut from school grants without authority from secretary to Treasury.

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