Their aim is to kill me, reveals HH

HH writes…

Do not be fooled.

This is not about privatisation. This is not about alleged criminality. This is not about corruption. They are simply preparing your psyche using these actions as the pretext.

The truth is they want to have access to my physical body so that they can eliminate me. Their plan is to arrest and then kill me. But do l have to die for anyone to be in power?

They are getting extremely desperate, these people. If offering myself to serve the country that l love so much and growing increasingly popular are grave offences for which l must lose my life, so be it. I am not afraid. Kill me today and more HHs will rise tomorrow. I am prepared to pay the ultimate sacrifice in defence of public interest, if need be.

If anything happens to me, please know that I love you as much as l love Zambia.


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