There are lots of lacunas in the Amended Constitution

This country lacks serious leaders. We have exactly 3 days (Monday to Wednesday) before Parliament rises but we still don’t have The Electoral Commission Act, no Electoral Act, no Electoral Rules and Regulations, No Referendum Question. People don’t even have sight of these Bills, they don’t know what is contained in them.

President Lungu signed the Amended Constitution in January and one wonders what the PF Government has been doing all this time.
With the high illiteracy levels in the country one would have thought that ECZ and Government would have spent alot of time educating and sensitizing the masses on the Referendum. Kaya if the Referendum will even pass. Mwana wa kaya sakosa. This is indeed Madimbi.

There are a lot of lacunas in the Amended Constitution that needs the interpretation of the Constitutional Court and instead of putting up the Constitutional Court to deal with these matters, Mr Lungu is out there busy campaigning instead of working.

Antonio Mwanza

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