Laws of Zambia recognise homosexuality, says Sata

Patriotic  Front (PF) president Michael Sata has finally come out with what appears to be his true stand on the controversial subject of gays and lesbians by telling the Danish media that there are laws in Zambia that recognise their existence and that there is need to implement them.

Mr Sata said there was need for Zambia to implement the laws regarding gays and lesbians in the country in line with what other countries had done.

Mr Sata told a crew from Denmark recently which included Lene Winther and Thomas Duus that the laws had not been implemented and expressed displeasure that his stand on the gays and Lesbians had been used for propaganda, according to the Times.

“Some people are saying I am talking to you people because I want to bring back gays and I tell them that listen, the laws of Zambia recognise the gays. The laws of Zambia recognise the lesbians,” Mr Sata said.

The subject of gay rights in Africa has sparked wide objection and contradicts the culture and tradition, while a few countries had allowed the practice.

The practice involves allowing men to marry their fellow men and women marrying their fellow women which Zambian stakeholders have said should be rejected.

Lene and Duus were in Zambia to investigate the impact of Chinese investment in Zambia and its value to the Zambian people.

Mr Sata said some of his opponents had used his stand on the gays and Lesbians for propaganda and yet there were laws which must be implemented with some restrictions like it had been done other countries.

He also said his party had started the process of internal democratisation by holding provincial conferences in all the nine provinces.

He said the conferences had started with areas where he was less popular such as Western, Southern, Central and the Eastern part of Northern provinces.

Mr Sata maintained his resentment for the Chinese investors, saying they were in the country to seek employment and not to contribute to the growth of the economy.

Accusing the Chinese of externalising foreign exchange to their country, Mr Sata said the Government had allowed Chinese to operate without due respect for the labour and other laws.

He said donor aid must benefit both Zambia and other countries because the Southern African country had some things which were not found in Europe.

Mr Sata also changed his stand on the status of Taiwan which he has always stated was a Sovereign country.

He said Taiwan and China were one country and that the Taiwanese merely revolted against the communist policies and system of governance of China.

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