There are no fights in PF, Scott indirectly tells Fred M’membe

There are no fights in PF, Scott indirectly tells Fred M’membe

Guy Scott

Guy Scott

Ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott has indirectly told the Post Newspaper to stop lying that there are squabbles in the PF.

Scott says there are no fights in PF but that online media are publishing lies.

For almost a week now, the Post has been reporting that there are people within PF who want to get rid of Scott from the ruling party and government.

Just today (Monday) the Post newspaper reported that Luapula Province PF chairperson Nickson Chilangwa says people hatching plans to hound Guy Scott out of the PF and government have mental problems and should be met with full force.

Acording to the Post newspaper, it was Scott himself who disclosed that there is a plot to oust him as Vice-President of the Republic of Zambia and from the vice-presidency of the ruling Patriotic Front.

But when he landed in Livingstone on Monday afternoon Scott said there is peace in PF.

But instead of being honest for once in his life – of more than 70 years, Scott decided to accuse online media.

“On Sunday, I welcomed President Michael Sata back from New York and today we had a cabinet meeting where we agreed everything peacefully and the party is also stable.

‘The Government is progressing and everything is very peaceful this morning. When you read about lies in some online publications, it is because they have nothing to write about,” said Scott who appears to be losing it each and every passing day.

He was speaking at the Livingstone International Airport, which the PF calls Harry Mwanga Nkumbula. He was speaking in front of Daniel Munkombwe, who just the other day vowed to protect Scott from certain elements within PF.

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