There are too many problems in Zambia


Am honestly just a concerned youth, it honestly hurts me to see how the youths aren’t voicing their complaints, I mean all you hear on the radio is people complain on the prices of maize meal and roads when our country has many other problems, prices of government hospitals have been increased, and even these small local government clinics never have medicine their excuse is that the government hasn’t delievered in a while am a concerned citizen, look at how education has become so expensive but no one seems to really talk about it, it hurts me alot, we have many people suffering on the streets, we have many youths roaming the streets cause of no employment that’s why there’s so much thieft standards of living are high, let’s not forget prices of electricity even water everything has been increased and the governemnt is now talking about trollbridges, and not forgettu g the new system they have brought for removing tax from our bank acc
Question is am I the only one seeing this?

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