‘There has been other accusations of sacrifices by Masumba’


It is a very sad reading indeed (death of Masumba’ son). My condolences to Masumba. However, the wearied heading cannot go without comment. I feel pity for those that are condemning ZWD heading because they are not privy to lots of deaths that have put on Masumba’s head especially here in Mufumbwe and let run you through briefly.

You may wish to know that Masumba does not see eye to an eye with his own elder sister who stays here in Mufumbwe because Masumba alleged sacrificed her daughter (Masumba’s niece. And daughter to his elder sister) for 2011 elections. The girl who was between 16 and 18 was between was forcibly taken to a campaign meeting by Masumba in kikonge area. Whilst in kikonge, there was a sudden cloud cover and some drizzle rains. Within a few minutes, lightening struck the girl and she died immediately with the rain and cloud disappearing in sky. Masumba tried to implicate Kamondo as a scapegoat and accused him to have wanted to kill him to eliminate him from the election. Well the sister and people of Mufumbwe knew very well that Masumba sacrificed the girl for elections. Later on after elections, Kamondo dragged Masumba to court and was only made to withdraw the case just before the by-election. Todate, it is alleged he moves with the private part of the dead girl around his neck as a ritual. In fact Masumba was at one time chased away from Chief Kizela’s palace and asked to remove what he wore around his neck before he could allowed back. This was when Masumba was sent to pick the Chief when President Sata was in Mufumbwe for Masumba’s by-election.

Prior to the by-election, Masumba was at it again. This time he was accused of sacrificing a grade 12 pupil of Mufumbwe high school. The boy collapsed and died at kick off of the match opener for the tournament Masumba had arranged. Todate Masumba is credited with the death of that boy.

The newest allegation for Masumba’s continued sacrifices is the death of a kid a week ago after an accident involving Masumba’s motorcade in Mufumbwe. Everyone here in Mufumbwe knows Masumba to be a satanic. Some of us are therefore not surprised that even his son’s death has been portrayed as a sacrifice. Moreover Masumba has alto of kids of the same age from different women.

You can choose to argue but as a person who is an indignant of Mufumbwe, there is more to Masumba than you can imagine. Too bad for the loss of an innocent boy. By the way, Taima is the brother in marriage to Masumba despite him being the grand parent to the deceased and a best friend.

Mufumbwe resident

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