There is a clique within PF claiming Sata is sick, wont reach 2016- claims GBM

There is a clique within PF claiming Sata is sick, wont reach 2016- claims GBM

GBMDefence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba popularly known as GBM has made stunning revelations that there is a clique within the PF that is campaigning for PF presidency by claiming president Michael Sata is sick and wont reach 2016.

According to state owned but PF controlled ZNBC lunch hour main news, Mr. Mwamba said he was aware of the group that is spreading rumours within the PF that Sata wont reach 2016 or if he reaches, he wont contest the presidency hence his decision to mount Sata’s endorsements which he is currently spearheading.

“We are aware of the dark corner meetings campaigning for PF presidency. I am not going to allow them and I will not stop the endorsement campaigns for Mr. Sata. These people within PF are claiming that Sata is sick and wont reach 2016. But I meet the president everyday. I am always with him and he is very fit and determined to develop the country now and beyond,” Mr. Mwamba said.

Mr. Mwamba claimed that some of the people within the PF that are campaigning claiming Sata is sick might actually be the one that may die before him,, claiming that those that wish to challenge Mr. Sata are just wasting their time.

But Speaking in an interview with Crossfire Blog radio last evening, Justice Minister who is also PF Secretary General said there was no need for anyone to mount an endorsement campaign for president Sata at the moment because the who issue is a non-issue at all.

Mr. Kabimba, who is sponsored by the Post Newspaper editor Fred Mmembe to take over the country said those championing the endorsements were actually disgruntled individuals.

And information reaching the Zambianwatchdog indicate that president Sata is actually fully behind GBM’s endorsement.

Sources said the president has actually given GBM all the support to continue the endorsement campaigns for him.

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