There is a strong link between a good constitution and poverty reduction- JCTR

The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection-JCTR has attributed a number of economic challenges the country is going through to a lack of a good constitution.

Reacting to PF Lupososhi Member of Parliament, Chungu Bwalya’s sentiments that the demand for a new constitution is just one of the priorities his government has, JCTR Head of Programs, Geoffrey Chongo told Mano News that there is a strong link between a good constitution and poverty reduction.

Chongo cited the high debt levels the country has accumulated to what he termed as having a poor constitution in place.

He said the current constitution gives the executive more power to borrow as much as they could.

Chongo has since expressed worry at some statements being made by members of the ruling party.

On Wednesday, PF Lupososhi Member of Parliament, Chungu Bwalya reiterated his remarks against people demanding for a new constitution saying the country has a functional constitution.

Chungu charged that his Government has prioritized the need for the country to have good road network, reduce poverty among households as opposed to having a constitution.

He said that it is for this reason that he cannot talk about the constitution in his constituency claiming that his electorates are looking forward to government to work on the roads and reduce poverty.

Courtesy: Radio Mano News

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