There is an undeclared war in Zambia- Gen. Miyanda

There is an undeclared war in Zambia- Gen. Miyanda

Heritage Party president Brig. Gen. Godfrey Miyanda says there is an undeclared war in Zambia because of the volatile situation that the PF government has put the country.

Speaking on cross-fireblog radio last night, Gen. Miyanda condemned the poaching of MPs from other political parties to join government because it will obliterate the opposition voice in Zambia.

He said whereas the constitution allows the president to appoint any MP into government, the same constitution should be ready with other provisions that provide for multiparty democracy in the country to exist.

Gen. Miyanda said by appointing the opposition MPs in government, the opposition voice was being weakened in the house when it comes to voting because the appointed opposition MPs always go with the ruling government.

He said what was even more worrying is that President Michael Sata appoints the MPs and tells them that I will give you a car, an office, a driver and other things that your party cannot give you, as if that was his personal money.

Gen. Miyanda said he was reluctanct to blame the UPND for the death of the PF cadre in Livingstone because investigations have not been concluded.

And Gen. Myanda has reiterated that president Sata appears for a live television interview or press conference where he can explain things and be questioned.

He said the trend where the president only speaks through his Special Assistant for press was wrong because there was no opportunity to ask for clarifications.

He vowed that he would not fold his arms while democratic principles in the country were being eroded by people claim to have mandate yet they are abusing powers.

“We fought for independence from oppressors but what is happening now is probably worse than what we fought against,” he said.

Gen. Miyanda said people like UPND president Hakainde Hichilema were sometimes extremely provoked, especially in a situation where the president gets his personal accounts details and starts distributing them to the public.

You can listen to the full interview here

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