‘There is apprehension in Barotseland following Sata’s outbursts’

‘There is apprehension in Barotseland following Sata’s outbursts’


We, the people of Barotseland wish to present to the people of the world our position on the issue of Barotseland. We feel compelled to state our firm and principled stance in matters relating to Barotseland regarding president Sata of Zambia’s rather uncalled for utterances. In reality, we were not supposed to react because he has in fact not referred to Barotseland but to Western province. We do not call our country as Western province. We call it as the Kingdom of Barotseland. Western province is a compass term in geography which is fictitious and illusive whereas Barotseland as a name is a reality.

Now reacting to  Mr. Sata’s ridiculous and unfortunate taunts to his inspector of police which he made at the pass out and commissioning of army officer cadets in kabwe on 23rd December, 2011. He alluded to some people in his so-called Western province.

1                     inciting violence

2                     inciting to create a state within a state

3                     others wanting to secede

4                     that there were serious criminal acts


Mr.. Sata had appointed a Commission of Inquiry in Barotseland which he hadtasked to probe the issues relating to Barotseland. The people had given their views openly and honestly. They submitted to the Commission that they were tired of subjugation of Zambian colonialism; they they were now longing to freely determine their political status and pursue their economic and social development according to their values and needs. It is unfortunate to learn that the genuine aspirations of the people {are described} as inciting violence. We are wondering whether he had received the report from the Commission or he was just making wild paranoia as it is his fashion.


Mr. Sata further embarrassed his inspector General and made him a subject of ridicule at his impotence to stop some people who were making a state within a state. We would like to put the record straight by saying that the country called Zambia is plastic and artificial whereas Barotseland is natural and organic. Naturally, since Barotseland is a reality it will always stand out and float over the concoction of the failed relationship. Barotseland as a state had been in existence long before Northern Rhodesia came into being a dream and not to mention the toddler Zambia. Barotseland had well defined boundaries and sharing borders with other countries acknowledged in history. Geographically, Barotseland is adjacent to Zambia which extends her administration to us by by virtue of being successor to the colonialists. No lawyer, worth his salt in Zambia or in the world can deny that Zambia simply inherited obligations of the British crown in 1964. The State of Barotseland had been there all along and no one is inciting to create a state within a state. In fact, it is Mr. Sata who is trying to create a state of Barotseland within Zambia.

The issue is that the people of Barotseland have identified themselves as a nation and have a duty to exercise their right to self-determination as per United Nation General Assembly Resolution 543. Pursuant of these rights does not constitute a crime.

The Zambian constitution of 1964 did not stipulate that the Litunga would cease to exist or that he would be stripped of his authority. To us, the Litunga is the King de jure of Barotseland; and he reigns on the throne of his fore fathers. We, the people of Barotseland shall never allow any alien to deprive him of his authority in his country. The Litunga is acclaimed the legitimate head of state of Barotseland. The Authority of our King and the instituions of Barotseland were undermined by a scheme of fraudulent predators. The people of Barotseland are consciously aware of the scheme of manipulation intended to swallow us alive by Mr. Kaunda and successors. This will show any reasonable person that no new state was being contemplated.


The issue of secession does not arise when people want to exercise their right to self-rule. In our understanding and international acceptance {language}, secession occurs when some people of the same history, culture, language and socio-political orientation decide to break from the group.

Barotseland has nothing in common in Zambia apart from the Agreement which they, themselves abrogated, annulled and destroyed. The people of Barotseland only realise that there is no legal reason that should continue to link with Zambia. Following this, the Barotseland people want to safeguard their state in their territory and not in Mpika, Chipata or Kasama.


We fail to understand the remarks of the president to his Inspector General of police that there were serious acts of crime in Barotseland. These serious criminal acts seems to be known only by the president and not by the police. We are wondering whether self-realisation of a people constitute serious criminal acts to him.

To us , what constitutes a serious crime is to prevent the Litunga from exercising his authority in his country and trying to justify infringements of the rights of the people. When the police became trigger happy, kill and maim people, these are the serious criminal acts that we know of. The people of Barotseland have never engaged in any form of criminal activity.


To sum it up, we note that Mr. Sata is implicitly giving orders to his sate machinery with the effect of inciting war and terror. All the people in Barotseland are apprehensive and despondent as they are sceptical of Mr.  Sata’s hysterical outbursts.

The Barotseland Intelligentsia.



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