There is invisible hand against GBM – campaign manager

There is invisible hand against GBM – campaign manager





I am very disappointed that of the two ministers being probed of allegations of corruption, GBM’s case is being given prominence and portrayed as so serious while that of Wynter Kabimba is played down and only highlighted in a small way inside GBM’s story.

GMB’s company (ARIZONA) which he has left to family members to run now that he is in Government is said to have been registered with the Registrar of Companies in 2003 meaning that it is a well established legal business entity which gas engaged in genuine lucrative transactions in the past.

The other fact is that GBM is not alleged to have solicited or lobbied a contract from the Ministry of Defence where he has direct influence.

In my own understanding and I stand to be corrected here, soliciting and/or lobbying can’t be more grievous in nature than receiving kick-backs which Kabimba is alleged to have been involved in. Therefore shadowing Kabimba’s case and giving prominence to a simple allegation of soliciting or persuading which sounds civil is clear enough to discern what is being schemed against GBM.

Even those calling for resignation are targeting their missiles at GBM alone but I want to say that GBM should not resign because under the circumstances there is no reason for that.

Yesterday on Saturday the 6th October, 2012 a large group of Kasama residents comprising marketers and other citizens staged a peaceful demonstration in solidarity with GMB and urged him to soldier on with his head high since they believe he is not corrupt but a powerful business person.

The demonstration was covered by both the public and private media so that the whole nation knows how the people of Kasama feel about the saga but this has been played down too except for Radio Mano, a community radio station disseminated this information within their catchment area but for other media houses it’s like there is an invisible hand conjuring up tricks so that they continue to reporting negatively about GBM.

Lastly, the same purported invisible hand or group of GBM’s rivals seem so determined to plot his downfall by peddling corruption allegations and set the system against him since they know the man at the helm of the system his Excellency President Michael Chilufya Sata is allergic to the vice.

Don’t’ worry GBM they are just jealousy and fearful of you and if God is for you who are they to tarnish your image and profile which you have toiled form over a substantial period of time to raise to such high levels.

Nathan Ilunga (Mr)
Former Campaign Manager for GBM in Kasama Central Constituency
(2011 tripartite elections)

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