There is more immorality today than in Noah’s time- SDA pastor

Its common to walk naked in public and call yourself ‘model’

THE Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) in Mansa District of Luapula Province says there is much Immorality in
the world today than it was during Noah and Lottie’s time.

Seventh Day Adventist Mansa West Mission District Pastor Rabarn Mwenya says in every generation that has past GOD raises a prophet to sound a warning to his people before facing any destruction

He said that GOD does not punish his people without first warning them.

However, nowadays it requires someone’s strong decision to accept the Lord as there is more sin as compared to the times of Lottie and Noah.

Pastor Mwenya said this in Mansa yesterday when he baptized and welcomed 14 new members in the Seventh day Adventist Church.

He quoted from the book of AMOS Chapter 3 verses 7 said in the bible history, the bible has recorded several generations which have been destroyed before but GOD always raised a prophet to warn the people.

Pastor Mwenya said that even in our generation GOD will send his
messengers to caution his people as it was during Noah’s time when GOD raised Noah to  preach to people for 120 years before the destruction.

The new souls where won by pastor  Emmanuel Mwewa who conducted a door to  door one week crusade at Westgate Seventh day Adventist Church in Mansa’s Chitamba Compound.

Woe unto those who are heroes at mixing wine

The crusade was being held under the theme “2012 the year of change”, Lets us use the power of Numbers.

And after the baptism, Pastor Rabarn Mwenya also awarded certificates to 14 graduates who successfully completed the voice of prophecy courses that   started in November last year.

The Pastor congratulated the graduates of voice of prophecy lessons and encouraged the newly baptized members of the church to hold to their faith.

The Seventh Day Adventist Church worldwide theme for the year 2012 is” revived by his word.”


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