There is no Bradford University in Canada

There is no University in Canada called Bradford as claimed by an opinion poll published by the Post newspaper.

The Post newspaper on Tuesday September 13, 2011, published a questionable opinion poll allegedly conducted by Zambian lecturers together with a University in Canada called Bradford.

But it is clear that there is no university in Canada called Bradford. There are 95 universities in Canada and non is called Bradford.

Here is a list of all Canadian universities by province

The list above is published by The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), an organisation that represents Canada’s colleges and universities.

There is not even a college or secondary school called Bradford in Cananda.

Wikipedia also has this list of universities in Canada:

According to the poll, Michael Sata’s Patriotic Front (PF) will win this year’s elections by 55 per cent. The poll is so specific on figures and gives exactly the number of votes Sata will get. It also says the exact number of MPs the PF will get.

But the poll does not mention the Zambian lecturers except for a John Chishimba who the Post said retired as purchasing and supplies manager from the Copperbelt University (CBU) but is now doing part-time lecturing. It does not say where he is lecturing.

‘Chishimba said in Northern Province, Sata would get 400,000 votes, 287,000 in Luapula and 286,000 in Western Province. He said the opinion poll further showed that Sata would get 230,000 votes in Southern Province, 148,000 in North-Western and 181, 000 in Eastern Province. Chishimba said in Central Province, Sata would get 108,000 votes.
He said the data for the study of the opinion poll were collected from the 150 constituencies in the country. He said the total population was 300,000 of 2,000 per constituency and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) operating in every area were used to collect data’ read part of the fake poll published in the Post.

This is not the only fake poll to be publicized ahead of next week’s elections. People like  Neo Simuntanyi, Vernon Mwanga, Humhprey Silupwa have all come up with all sorts of polls.

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