There is no budget overrun and I won’t fire Chikwanda – Sata

President Michael Sata has dismissed assertions that the Patriotic Front (PF) government’s national budget has collapsed.

Sata has therefore described such claims as premature, unwarranted and mischievous.

“ Our foreign reserves currently stand at about US$2.4 Billion while the country has recorded over US$2 billion in investment pledges in various sectors of the economy in the first quarter of 2013,” President Sata says.

“Similarly, non-traditional exports grew to US$530.7 million in the quarter of 2013, compared with US$500.9 million recorded during the same period in 2012. It is therefore, irresponsible to engage in extreme talk amidst such a robust national economic performance.”

Sata said this in a statement by his mouth-piece George Chellah, in Lusaka today..

‘In line with the PF manifesto’s commitment of promoting inclusive growth and social justice for all, the government is running an activity based budget and has continued financing projects and programmes judiciously’, President Sata says.

“The focus of the 2013 Budget is to facilitate accelerated and sustained economic growth that translates into tangible realities for our people such as generation of sufficient and stable jobs, a redistribution of income and opportunities in favour of the poor, access to basic services and a general improvement in the standards of living .

“Consequently, we have made substantial allocations towards the health, education, water and sanitation and local government sectors. Other interventions have been targeted towards facilitating sustained growth in the agriculture, tourism, infrastructure development and manufacturing sectors, ”  he says.

In order to guarantee the execution of pragrammes and activities, the President has directed the Treasury to ensure that programme implementation reports are submitted by Ministries, Provinces and other  Spending Agencies (MPSAs) prior to receiving subsequent funding.

President Sata says the PF government is working tirelessly and with greater urgency to ensure that all priority sectors of the economy flourish within the projected benchmarks.

Meanwhile, President Sata has dismissed reports that he intends to substitute finance minister Alexander Chikwanda with a named former finance minister, describing the reports as cheap careless gossip.

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