There is no crisis in Judiciary – High Court Registrar


The Judiciary of Zambia wishes to clarify the misinformation appearing in an article in the “Daily Nation” issue of Tuesday, 28th October, 2014 under the headline “Supreme Court in Crisis”

The article, purporting to quote some Judges, alleges that the Supreme Court is in a crisis and the morale at its lowest ebb. It further alleges that the Supreme Court has been compromised and polarized by political appointments.

The article also questions the appointment of candidates who have never written a single Judgment or served on the Bench of a lower Court, as Supreme Court Judges

This article is not only malicious but also mischievous, untrue and a deliberate attempt to misinform the general public and alarm the Nation.

Appointments of Judges of the Supreme Court, High Court and, Chairperson and Deputy Chairpersons of the Industrial Relations Court are done in accordance with the provisions of Articles 93, 95 and 97 of the Republican Constitution as the case may be.

Further, the appointment of a practicing Lawyer to the Bench, including the Supreme Court is not a new phenomenon. Candidates for appointment to both the High Court and the Supreme Court have in the past been drawn from serving adjudicators and practicing Lawyers.

Examples of former Supreme Court and High Court Judges who were appointed from private practice, will show their immense contribution to the development of our Judiciary

There is therefore nothing illegal or sinister with respect to the appointment of a practicing Lawyer to the Supreme Court as the article in issue appears to suggest.

Mathew L. Zulu





28th October, 2014

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