There is no hope for Zambia under PF

Dear Editor,
Can you please consider my article for publication as you stand for uncensored news and views on Zambia.

The Patriotic Front Party was indeed successfully and democratically ushered to form government after winning the epoch elections of  2011 with 10 solid years in opposition. it is a well known fact that, during the campaigns for the last presidential elections, the PF whilst in opposition, promised that once elected to power it would transform the then existing socioeconomic system by the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy,MMD, of which the incumbent president Mr Michael C Sata was part and parcel prior to the formation of his party in 2001.
The Patriotic Front promised Zambians that they will create jobs, deliver development, more money in people’s pockets, implementation of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 and a people driven constitution among many other things but just to mention a few, in 90 days. However, after the 90 days nothing has been fulfilled and those promises have come to pass. All the promises they proclaimed of transformation and delivering best services for Zambian people I’m scared have not taken place and those days are long gone. Now that their lies have caught up with them, the PF is facing criticism from the opposition as well as the disappointed voters who trusted the current ruling government to deliver accordingly to their own pledge.
It is at this level that this article will argue in favour of the majority and well informed Zambians on the deceit of the PF regime, as they are dissatisfied by the pace this change is moving.

After forming government, surprisingly to our well earned democracy from the UNIP regime in 1991, the PF together with their police have continuously, maliciously used the draconian colonial Public Order Act, to deny the opposition political parties  and other citizens with different views the right to freedom of assembly, so is their liberties.

The POA has violated the people’s inborn rights.
It can be clearly be seen that the PF regime has changed course because they have now embarked on a defiance sort of governing the country by using the discriminatory legislation in the name of Public Order Act. Since March, 2012, the PF police force have used this act to ban opposition parties such as UPND and MMD to hold peaceful rallies across the country. The opposition leaders are also subjugated in strategising their stance as the ruling regime has resorted to armed rule with impunity. Only patriotic front cadres seem to be above the law as they have fully acquired the tendency of violence.
Please people, we don’t want to destroy democracy in this country just because of few people in the name of PF. We are tired of this violation of human rights by this ludicrous and lugubrious party that has no respect for humanity. If the current ruling government takes its people for granted, then our political system will end up causing a crisis that is un wished for because this can have a massive loss of legitimacy in the country. Factually, Zambia will then be isolated internationally by economic,political,social, tribal including cultural sanctions. In addition, this will have a collosal negative impact on our state’s economy. As the way things are unfolding under PF, it is also true to state that the majority of people have lost hope and morale in this cantakerous democracy. The wish for my calligraphy today is to also ask the Pf led government to please respect our judicial system and the rule of law that many people have enjoyed so far.
Lets not just watch our fellow brothers and sisters in Barotseland who are being oppressed, tortured, being arrested for exercising their human rights by the PF armed police and militia. This is unacceptable and it should not be tolerated. The best way to sort out this Barotseland issue by our elders is by acknowledging the Zambian history, through diplomatic negotiations, not by pretense. In the long run, this might cause un wanted civil war because of failure to dialogue important issues affecting the nation. The same Agreement is what made our country what it is today.
Notwithstanding the wishes of all Zambians, the PF must also respect and promote liberal democracy so that every citizen can be given a fair go to contribute to issues of national importance. At this moment, Zambia needs a government that will embark on engaging the opposition so that our nation can have tangible alliance on organisational as well as diverse ideologies in pursuit of a common goal. I strongly advise the PF to work tirelessly with the people to have the agenda of pledging, even though the 90 days have long gone and improve the well being of all Zambians regardless their affiliated parties. This promotion should be emphasized on education, welfare, health, housing and many more life necessities.
Our justice system really needs upgrading before it gets rotten to the core as it is biased in favour of few crooked individuals. This system needs sound policies that will bring all people together not the selective one at witnessed at the moment. If we ensure that the system is fair, only then can we have no room for corruption. They are other issues that are of great gross inequality especially the lining of the tribal groupings in this current PF cabinet. Tribalism has conclusively threaten the social norms and aspects of democracy in many African countries such as Rwanda. The majority in PF led regime dwell from one part of the country, more precisely, the Bemba speaking people, neglecting other 72 tribes in the nation.

This is not only unfair but selfishness in our politicians who want to enrich their own beloved ones. Other tribes feel let behind on the sharing of our country’s wealthy, especially that Zambia has no single national identity. The future of this nation lies in our hands to create a political environment that will demand all different tribe groupings to adhere the loyalty to the state. But alas,it seems the PF only values their tribe above all others.
We need leaders who will implement balanced policies in accordance with democracy that suggests that, there is no nation that possesses an ethnic base on natural terms but all tribes should face and tackle problematic cohesion of drawing together the disparate ideological, political, racial, tribal,ethical and religious interests to form a nation.

Today, looking at the Zambian national soccer team, one is left to wonder and guess which tribe makes the team. Your guess is good as mine.

There is no full intergration hence we have even failed to win a single match in this years African Cup of Nations. The selection are not base on merit but on tribe, which is a shame to our togetherness as a country. This is what is called discrimination, it can be indirectly or directly period, and now being imposed on our citizens. The foundation of a successful national entity rests on the economy though this has continuously been plundered by corrupt recycled selfish leaders of belly politics, popularly  known as “Nchelele Bulas”. As a growing nation, we lack economical muscle to develop because there is no down flow of more money in people’s pockets as promised by the patriotic front party.
I can strongly argue here that, the majority of Zambians will remain behind in education, be in endless poverty, misery, are worried and disappointed of this political system if not changed real soon. Every elections the politicians are fond of running from and to one party or another in search of belly politics. This must come to an end, enough of these recycled taking advantage of poor Zambians. I can go on until I fill the booth, but conclusively, lets stop this rot of belly politics. There is no legacy of serving the people just from the ruling party, we can also do so in opposition and thats a fact. enough is enough people. Tribal inclination has tired our political system to absolute poverty. Lets all come together and refute these dictatorial grievances by outdated politicians. Its our time to shine by forcing the government of the day to oblige and embark on affirmatives on progressive action that will ensure our democratic make up to be substantiated. We must work together to make sure that any government of the day must comply with the wishes of the people. The PF government must also work tirelessly in assisting the people into transforming our nation for the best. It is also important for the PF government to start respecting the opposition as they, the opposition are essential for the good governance and not equating them to treason. No pretender with our Constitution  as it is a safe haven, no abuse of power.
The rules of the Constitution are important conditions of not interfering with the justice system. Therefore, please PF government, we ask you to accept, respect as well as acknowledge the opposition parties especially intimidated ones MMD and UPND, because they play a vital role in ensuring that democracy with full rule of law is observed. The opposition can also help the ruling party in exposing corruption.
I end by enforcing that democracy and peace to exist, is not just a mere absence of war but the presence of peace.
God bless.
By  Kalaluka Mwiya Jr.

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