There is no load shedding in Zambia-PF Minister

There is no more electricity load-shedding in the country as ZESCO has upgraded the equipment, says PF Deputy Minister for Energy, by the name of Zulu.

Responding to a barrage of questions from Members of Parliament today Thursday afternoon who wanted to know why load-shedding in the country has increased, the minister said there was no more load-shedding in the country.

Some MPs such as Kabwata MP Given Lubinda wondered why Kabwata, Libala, Lilayi, and other parts of his constituency were for ever in power blackouts, Minister Zulu insisted there was no load-shedding but once in a while some places experienced power outages for short periods due to maintenance works.

Mazabuka Central MP Garry Nkombo even offered to help the minister with the answers because he (Nkombo) was well vested, but Speaker Patrick Matibini said Nkombo could only do so during tea break.

Rufunsa MP, Chipungu challenged the PF minister that places like Chamba Valley were ever facing load-shedding, but Zulu said his sister stays in the same area and was now commending the PF government for reducing load-shedding.

Keembe MP, Ronney Shikapwasha challenged the minister that even last night, some Zambians were unable to watch the match between Zambia and Niger in many areas due to load-shedding, but the PF minister asked Shikapwasha to name the places that did not have power during the match insisting that there was no more load-shedding in the country and that ZESCO was not facing any crisis.

Liuwa MP, Situmbeko Musokotwane challenged the PF minister that he was in receipt of several SMSs from ZESCO announcing load-shedding, but Zulu insisted it was just one of those things.

The Speaker had to save the minister from further embarrassment by curtailing the debate as the minister continued telling lies right on the floor of the so called honourable house where telling lies is not allowed.

Many parts of the country have faced increased load-shedding in the country contrary to the PF elections promise, but it seems PF ministers have solar or generators in their homes and are not experiencing it anymore.

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