There is no mealie meal selling at K45 in Northern Province Lungu should apologize to people of Kasama

FDD President Edith Nawakwi has described Republican President Edgar Lungu as liar for telling the Nation that a 25Kg bag of mealie meal in Kasama was fetching at K45 when in fact it is K90.

Ms Nawakwi said President Lungu and his Government has told the whole world that mealie meal prices in Kasama had gone down when the truth was that nothing had changed as people are still buying the commodity at K90 to K100.

She charged that President Lungu was dreaming of a day when prices of the commodity will go down but that there won’t be any change in the prices because the President is not putting up measures which would lead to the reduction of what his dreaming of.

“There is no mealie meal here in Northern Province which is going at K45 and the truth is that the President is not telling the truth and he should come out in the open and apologize to the people of Northern Province especially those in Kasama that he is lying or he was misinformed or he is dreaming of a day when mealie meal will be at 45.

I have gone around Northern Province and I have not found any shop selling mealie meal at the price our President is broadcasting to the Nation and what he has been doing can only described as lies and what I’m talking about is not politics but the truth and it is wrong for a President of the Nation to be broadcasting falsehoods to the world,” she said.

She explained that prices of most commodities will continue raising due to PF’s reckless borrowing which has induced the high inflation in the country.

She wondered how some people have continued to praise the PF Government with the prevailing high cost of living and the economic hardships in the country.

And the opposition leader has charged that the PF have ceased to be a government but a political party in office preparing for the next elections.

“How can anybody say that these people are working with this kind of suffering in the country. Commodities have sky rocketed, people are losing jobs everyday and somebody has the audacity to tell us that the PF Government is working. Just look at the price of cooking oil and soap, the prices have doubled and in some cases tripled in the last three months our people are hardly affording three meals a day.”

She also noted that the reconciliation prayers was mockery to God and a move meant to deceive Zambians that the President was a peace loving person.

“Mr. Lungu called for peace and reconciliation prayers on 18th October but that was just for show and a mockery to God because how can a person who genuinely called for reconciliation prayers be the one insulting and harassing his people. He went to Copperbelt and told the teachers in Chingola that he will smoke them out and that if chases them “nishi kutumpa kwabo” just a week after prayers.

Just two weeks after those prayers he has appointed Bishop Chomba a person whom shared high table with at the prayer meetings as Energy PS while you have continued suffer. This what we have been saying that these people are just sharing positions and not working towards eradicating your sufferings,” Ms Nawakwi said.

She further accused President Lungu of being petty and full of vergences by trying to close the Post Newspapers.

Ms Nawakwi said this when she visited Senga hills market where she interacted with marketeers after officiating at Chela Ward conference in Senga hill constituency on Monday.

President Nawakwi at Senga hill market.

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