There is no money for constructing markets, PF Minister confesses

PF Deputy Minister of Local Government Nicholas Banda has finally confessed that the PF government was too broke to finish a number of infrastructures such as markets.

Answering a question from a fellow PF MP Davies Mwila who wanted to know when the Ministry will complete construction of markets, Banda said his Ministry should not be blamed for failure because they were no longer receiving any funding from the Ministry of Finance.

“Mr. Speaker, what can we as a Ministry do if the Minister of Finance is not funding us any more. We have no money for these projects anymore,” Banda lamented.

Some MPs wondered why the PF government were prioritising by-elections that were costing huge sums of money instead of education, health and building markets.

Senga Hill MP Kapembwa Simbao caused laughter when he asked why a fellow Minister was accusing the Ministry of Finance of being the main culprit.

Mazabuka Central MP Garry Nkombo asked the Ministry of Local Government when they would now bring the bill to parliament for amendments to allow vendors freely sell even outside State House and Parliament building since the PF have no money to build markets and other infrastructure.

Katuba MP Jonas Shakafuswa wondered why the PF were allowing their cadres to collect levies from markets instead of the councils that would have channeled back the money into building new markets.

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